Lupins POV

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Lupins P.O.V from DADA

I am waiting for my class to come in,its Slytherine and Griffindor,Slytherines are a right pain i dont want them to be in my class.

The class starts to fill with students.

"Alright class my name is Professor Lupin and I am your DADA teacher,I am going to ask your names to get to know you"I say

I walk around getting the names of pupils,I have Harry Potter in my class I am glad i can teach him and keepcan eye on him,I miss hanging around with the gang,James,Sirius,Peter and my best best friend Hannah,Hannah went on to marry Sirius and i was happy about that as she is my best friend and Sirius was also my best so i had no problem with it.I miss her so much 2 of my best friends died in one month I was heartbroken.

I come across a girl and she looks exactly like Hannah(Her face) but also has dark brown r it might be black curly hair.

could Hannah have possibly had a child with Sirius?i wonder.

No impossible they would of told me,i must just be imagining things

i relaise i was staring at the girl when the girls coughs to get my attention i  just smiles at her.

"So what is your name"Iasks me

"Charlotte Black"Icharlotte say

I stare at her with wide eyes and open mouth but quickly recover and nod my head and i walk over to the boggart.

she must be the daughter of Sirius and Hannah but they would have told me,I will ask her who her parents are after class instead of bothering Professor Dumbledore.

"okay class who know what this does"i ask patting the boggart

Charlotte quickly put my hand up,she has Hannahs cleverness,well that is if she is related to her"It is a boggart,it changes into the object the person who is facing it fears most,no one knows what it looks like as it changes into something different everytime,it likes enclosed spaces like bedrooms,cuboards

Yep deffiently smart

"Well done Charlotte that is correct"I say

"line up and we will practice getting them away"everyone lines into a line"good now Neville what do you fear the most"I says

Professor Snape"Neville says and everyone one laughs

"you live with your grandmother Neville,am i correct"Neville nods

I lean down and whispers in his ear.

"Imagine Snape in your grandmothers clothes and say riddickulious"I say

"Right class you are going to think of your most feared thing and picture it in the most funniest way and say riddicioulus"I say

"ready Neville?"I ask and Neville nods

I open the door and Professor Snape came out and Neville shouts riddickulious and Snape changes into Nevilles grandmothers clothes.

People have snakes,spiders,insects and common fears

but Charlottes is different I have been wondering what her boggart will turn into after my suspisions

Charlotte walks up and the shape spins around to her bleeding,bruisded and nearly dead laying on the floor,all of a sudden a knife lands in her boggart chest and ahe dieing.I am too shocked to do anything,why wouls she fear something like this?I wonded

Charlotte  starts crying "Riddickulious"she says in a quivering voice but it doesnt change.

Riddickioulus"I say and it changes to a full moon.I hope people are not smart enough to find out my secret.

Charlotte runs out of the room crying and I run after her but I dont go far out of may room because I have a class.

Harry and his friends were going to run after her.

"No dont go after her she needs some time alone,you can go once my class ends we only have another10 minutes anyway,now Harry you have a go"I say to Harry.

Harry walks up and it changes to a dementor so I quickly jump in before it can cause any harm.

"Riddickulious!"I shout and it turns into a full moon,then a balloon and into the wardrobe.

"Right I think that is enough for today"I say

What is up with this years boggarts usually they are common fears like spiders,snakes but this year its people dieing and demonters.

The bell rings and everyone leaves.

I have no other classes because there is a qudditch match on after this so I tidy up my desk and leave for quidditch.


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So Charlottes mum was best best mates with Lupin and her dad was also mates with him.Noone knows about Hannah getting abused yet.

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