Jealousy is in the Air

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You stretched out your arm as you carefully wrapped a white cloth around your arms, to help heal the scorch marks from the explosions in the Niflheim base. You found yourself sneaking glances at the clueless prince and his fiancee drinking from their mugs. You scoff quietly to yourself, seeing her whisper something in his ear causing him chuckle quietly into his cup.

"f-n, are you okay?" Prompto asked crouching down on his knees, gazing at you worriedly.

"Yeah, why?" You mumbled, your jaw tightening slightly.

"You've been glaring at Noct for the last five minutes and you're over tightening your bandage." He whispers into your ear, bringing you back to reality.

You glanced down at your arm, noticing how your hand was constricting in pain from the tension.

"Oh, guess I didn't notice." You state softly, releasing the end of your bandage, unwinding it from your flesh.

"Here, let me." Prompto scoots closer to you, supporting your arm with his hand, slowly wrapping the bandage securely around it.

Red eyes flickered, staring at how close Prompto was to you. He huffed in annoyance into his mug, his grip on the handle tight enough to crack it. Luna drummed her fingers quietly against her metal mug, fidgeting uncomfortably at Noctis' red eyes. 'What is wrong with him?' She mentally asked, squinting her eyes at the jealous prince. She nudged him lightly on the shoulder, making him flinch.

"W-What is it Luna?" He asks, still looking at you and Prompto.

"First of all, I didn't even say anything. Second, you've been glaring at them for the last minute." Luna stated with an amused smile.

"No I'm not." Noctis protests, feeling his face flush in embarrassment.

"Don't lie to me," she slaps him on the shoulder, "I know when you're lying or not, plus your eyes start turning purplish when you feel guilty about anything." She chimes with a small smile. Noctis rubbed his eyes, propping his head up with his arm. His eyes still were wandering towards the two of you.

"I'm not lying..." He mumbled, running a hand through his raven locks.

"Why are you suddenly so shy now Noctis?" Luna teased.

Noctis exhaled deeply through his nose, flaring slightly. His fists tightened slightly, seeing Prompto casually slinging an arm over your shoulder, pulling you closer.

"You like her don't you?" Luna asked, placing a hand over Noct's. 'Am I that obvious?' Noctis questioned, furrowing his eyebrows.

"If you do, I don't mind at all." She added, waiting for a response.

"Luna, I don't. It can't happen anyways, no matter how many times I wish it could." He replies with a sad smile.

"It's a political marriage Noctis. They never said we'd have to fall in love." Luna reminds.

"Isn't wrong to be seeing someone else when you're married?" Noctis asked with a confused expression.

"Perhaps you and your father could create another way. You've definitely gotten far into your journey, so planning an alternative shouldn't be a problem for you." Luna replied kindly.

"How can I show how much I love her? You know I'm not the romantic type." Noctis asked, closing his eyes in thought.

"So now you're in love with her?" Luna asked with a smirk. He hides his behind his hands, realizing what he said. He meant to say like, not love, but to him it felt natural to say. 'I love f-n l-n' He repeated in his head, grazing a cute smile upon his face.

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