Twenty One- Reunited

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Will's POV-

"Okay put this on" Hazel held up a bulky set of metal plate armor.

"Why?" I raised an eyebrow at the curly haired girl.

"Okay so here's the plan..."

Nico's POV-

I sat in the corner of my cold dark cell. I had long lost hope that Will, or anyone would ever save me. After all, he did tell me that he didn't love me, that he never loved me.

I felt a tear fall down my face and heard it fall to the floor. The earie silence of the chamber was enough to drive someone insane.

BANG. I heard the door at the end of the hall open and close and saw a guard from the corner of my eye, his footsteps echoing as he walked towards my cell.


I wiped my head up, I know that voice!

"Will?!" I stood up and ran to the bars.

"I'm so sorry Nico, I didn't mean any of what I said I swear. Please believe me"

I smiled for the first time since I left Will's side and felt myself melt into his bright blue eyes.

I heard a jangle of keys and the door opened, letting me fall into his arms.

I felt emense happiness as tears of joy fell down my face.

"Oh Nico I love you so much, please believe me. I will never, ever let you be live that I don't." Will squeezed me close.

"I love you too."

A.N.  Hey guys sorry it's been a while but I've been at camp so ha I have a legitimate excuse! Anyway I just wanted to say a huge thank you for 4K reads!!! Seriously I expected maybe one or two people to read this thing. I'm rambling so I'll go now, bye!!!

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