Chapter 13

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It was 2AM, Wendy, Suga and Taehyung were not in the school anymore they were somewhere else. It was a big house in the middle of nowhere.

Wendy was on the highest floor. She was locked in the room while sleeping.

Suga was locked also but he was awake. He wanted to know what was happening but before he could do anything he needed a plan.


"Where am I? Aish those crazy bitches trying to hurt us" Wendy said while messing up her hair.

She was scared wondering why she was here and where was Suga. She tried opening the door and tried to break it but nothing worked.

While she was sitting on the bed someone approaches her but she doesn't know. He didn't come from the door but the window.

Wendy finally realizes that someone is here and quickly grabs the closest thing to her.

"Who are you and what are you trying to do!"

The little girl said while pointing the object towards him.

She couldn't see who he was, it was too dark outside and inside.

He wouldn't say anything but just stare at her.

Wendy couldn't stand the silence she tried speaking again.

"What do you want, and why am I here?"

"We want you" He says while smirking.

Wendy was scared, why did they want her.
"W-why do you want me"

He started walking slowly and closer to Wendy.
"Because you're the one"

When he was close enough to Wendy she tried to hit him with her object but he moved really fast while grabbing the object and going behind Wendy.

Her back was on his chest and he was whispering in her ear.

"If you try this again I don't know what I'll do to you" he slowly puts his hands in Wendy's chest but when she was about to stop it someone else came in.

"What do you think you're doing! We were told not do to anything to her, yet" The other man said.

"I'm just playing with her chill" when he said that Wendy moved his hand away from her.

"Do you want to play with master? I think he'll want to play with you when he heard what you're doing"

"Alright alright I'll go but I'll finish what we started later"

After that second both of them disappeared.

Wendy was confused how can both of them disappear that fast, it was just like at the school when the guy appeared right in front of her.

She kept holding on to her necklace. It was the only thing making her strong. If she lost it she wouldn't know what to do.

It was the gift her mother gave her.

After calming down Wendy fell back asleep.

Mean while Suga found a way to open the door but he was trying to find where Wendy was. Since his powers didn't work on her he couldn't find her that fast.

He was on the 3rd floor checking every door, he finally got to the 4th floor.

"You're finally here"

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