Ch 23: There is Something Fundamentally Wrong With you.

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A/N: I know you were all expecting something sexy...but but I have no idea what I just wrote XD:


Gizmo POV:

Killian had lifted me from the ground and into his arms with ease, "well my dear I do believe I warned you."

"Tis you who gives into temptation so easily mr Blythe."

He hummed walking further into the house, "you know I cant take you from Liverpool until my employer directs me and you took the letter that was to be sent today. Left me with only one choice really."

I tilted my chin haughtily, "you could have been a gentleman."

He paused for a moment to kick my bedroom door open, closing it behind him with his boot, "never have been good at being a gentleman dear you know that. Being the bad guy just seems so much more delightful."

I rose my brow skeptically, "is that so?"

"Gentlemen would bore women like you. And generally women refuse to bed men who bore them."

I found myself dropped upon my sheets, the tall man hovering over me, "you honestly think I intend to let you bed me so easily?"

His lips brushed over my jawline slowly, "no Gizmo but I do believe you desire to know more than what your books can teach you about the happenings between a man and a woman. Shall we make this a lesson for you?"

I licked my lower lip, watching him intently, "you offering your services mr Blythe?"

He sighed against my skin before lying beside
me, "Killian, dear while I am in your bed you should probably stop calling me my surname. And if that is how you wish to see it then yes i am."

I pondered this for a moment, "I wish to be in control these are my studies."

I could have sworn i saw the bloke roll his eyes at me as he sat up. "I would not have it any other way darling girl."

Suddenly I felt an odd sense of bashfulness was over me.

What does one do with a man of this caliber when not involved in intercourse or debate?

He lounged back upon the pillows, eyes narrowed and sly, "You are flushed dear perhaps you should finish unlacing your bodice?"

I huffed, "I think not."

His brow twitched but he did not comment.

...he just waited. Staring at me with those green eyes of his. "Well. I do wish to explore the male anatomy first hand."

A smile tilted at his lips as he stood from the bed and in front of me, "this shyness is endearing on you Gizmo."

"Shut up. Study subjects do not speak."

He smirked, "would you like me to strip now my lady"

I glared up at him, "yes."

Not breaking eye contact with me he began to pop the buttons of his shirt, i was the first to look away as he shrugged it from his shoulders.

I studied the mans torso as his garment made a soft plop upon my floor.

Killian was quite the example of a man...his frame was more chiseled than what even I has expected was hiding beneath his clothing. The intricate swirls of his tattoos went from his wrist to elbow on his left arm while they swirled all the way up to even his chest on his right, curling slightly under his collarbone. " are certainly going to make for wonderful studies."

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