New Album, New Hardships

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Authors Note: I know that I haven't updated this book for a very long time, but I've decided that I wanted to enter this book into The Wattys. In order to submit this book I have to write at least three new chapters, thank you all for your support and don't forget to vote!

The picture above is what Tegan (right) and Sara (left) look like now.

Chapter 30

(Alex's P.O.V)

I laughed as I watched Tegan try to grab something from the top shelf of the cabinet and fail for the tenth time. She huffed and turned to look at me, her now long hair falling into her face, causing her to push it back as she stared at me with irritation. "Why won't you get up and help me?" She questioned, leaning against the door frame with her arms crossed over her chest.

I couldn't help but stare at her as she watched me, waiting for me to get up and retrieve what she was wanting. My eyes scanned over her body as I smiled at the sight of her. Even after two years of marriage, she was still so beautiful to me. I looked down at her long red socks that were covered by her black skinny jeans. My eyes slowly traveled up to her white button up shirt and finally met her eyes that were glaring at me.

I chuckled and stood up from the sofa, walking past her and leaning up towards the top shelf of the cabinet, grabbing her favorite coffee mug, placing it on the black marble counter top. I watched as she smiled and filled it with the green tea she had just made, observing the steam rise from the cup slowly as she set the tea kettle back onto the stove to cool.

After she was satisfied with her tea, she started to walk back into the living room to watch a movie. "Don't I get anything for helping you?" I called out to her, watching as she walked back into the kitchen with a small smile on her cute face. "Thank you honey" She said as she placed her hands on my stomach, leaning forward as I felt her soft lips capture mine, my arms sliding around her waist slowly. I heard her giggle as she pulled away from the kiss, resting her forehead on mine. "That's all you get because you didn't help me sooner" she stated, her brown eyes watching me as I shook my head with a giggle. "I couldn't help it, you looked cute" I responded as I sat back down on the couch.

"You'll think I looked cute when your ass is sleeping on the couch tonight" she shot back, smirking as she waited for my response. I glared at her and playfully hit her shoulder as she chuckled, watching as I laid down on the couch, placing my feet on her lap. "And what makes you think that you can just place your feet anywhere?" She questioned, staring down at my gray socks. "Well, you're my wife so I can put my feet on you" I said, causing her to smile as she looked down at my legs. She slowly slid her fingers underneath my beige skinny jeans, touching my skin as I smiled at her loving touch.

"So..." She mumbled, running her fingers over a small portion of my leg. I chuckled at how shy she could be at times, getting up to straddle her thighs as she sat up on the couch, watching me. I could see the lust slowly filling her eyes as she looked up as me, waiting patiently to see what I would do.

I slowly leaned my head down, kissing her lips slowly and passionately as I heard her whimper softly, feeling her arms wrap around my waist so that I couldn't get away from her. I felt the familiar butterflies fill my stomach as we continued to kiss each other slowly, not bothering to move any faster.

We were suddenly pulled apart by the sound of someone knocking on our apartment door, causing me to look at Tegan. "Were we expecting anyone?" I asked, climbing off of her to get the door. "No" she replied, following me. I opened the door to find Tom standing in the hall with a stack of papers in his hands. "Hey guys, are you excited for the launch party today?" He asked, referring to the release party of Tegan and Sara's new album Love You to Death that was happening later tonight.

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