Three: Luke

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Chapter Three: Luke

So it was Friday and i was walking home. And yes, The Malik Boys have conquered the school and are now the 'Hottest Brothers in the school'

Give me a break.

They aren't the Jonas Brothers. Although, They're long gone now.

I had become to learn more about them. Without coming towards them of course.

Tyler Malik,The oldest out of the boys, is the most popular with the girls.He had a older look to him and when he looked at girls they just melt. His hair was jet black and he left it messy and made it grow not to long. He was quite poetic and was the most sensible out of the three.

Avan was just a year older than Zayn. Avan was like in the stage of the good boy, bad boy. He had his moments when he always got his own ways. He was very cheeky and has the ego the size of a bus. Avan is really Athletic which made a huge hit with the girls.

They seem to be interested in the bad boy type?

And of course Zayn. Everybody said he's the youngest out of them but he looks more older to me. Zayn was the dark horse at of all of them. You couldn't tell what he was feeling because it was as if he only had one emotion in his face. And that as a stare. A hard, cold stare. Every single girl in the school had a crush on Zayn. I guess it's because he had the Mysterious, Dangerous thing going and that was intriguing. His charisma was out of control.

I was walking with Eve as she kept on rambling about 'The Malik Boys'

Give me peace.

"I think Avan is going to ask me out don't you? We'd be such a good couple.." Eve said continuing to Daydream about something that would never happened.

"Just think about the babies we'll have" I made a face.

"I doubt that you'll have a baby with Avan Malik" I said to her as she glared at me. I returned the gesture by giving her a cheesy smile.

"Gee thanks Ski just cause you hate every single guy doesn't mean you have to spoil my dream. " She said in a sarcastic tone at me "Why don't you just crawl in a hole and stay in your anti-boy place since you hate them so much" She spat as i rolled her eyes.

I was too used to her earthy tone. So it didn't bother me. We were sisters for crying out loud. Even if we did fight we'd make up by the end of the day.

"I'd love to but i don't hate all guys..There is one that i'm really fond of" I said to her smiling widely. She was looking at my direction for groaning. I motion for him to come over. He notice me and smiled.

"Ugh..Luke? Seriously Ski i don't see what you see in him" She said as i rolled my eyes. He came towards me and he wrapped his arm around my shoulder. Eve made a fake puke noise as he gave me a quick peck on the lips.

Luke was my boyfriend for almost a year. He was so sweet and down to earth. I loved him so much. He was the only boy i liked in this school and the only guy who had the balls to be his goofy self. He was 5,10. He had brown, Tossled hair, and his eyes just scream, Beauty. He had these beautiful pink plumped lips and when he gave me those signature smiles i just melt.

I leaned my head on his shoulder as we walked while Eve made those gagging noises.

"Skylar i love you but i seriously dont wanna walk you you and your boyfriend.." She said skipping away from us. Luke chuckled at her childish behaviour.

"It's called having different taste my dear sister" I said laughing as she flicked me off.

When it was Thursday and Friday i walked with Luke. He offered to walk me home and i find it really sweet of him. He's just so romantic it makes me love him even more. There's no doubt about him. He's my soulmate. I just know.

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