[ vii : in which she needs him ]

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This chapter is dedicated to anne_anne123 who's been asking for an update for this story and is a really really awesome friend <3

I ran. I didn't know where I was going, just that I had to get away. Stupid Seth, Ryder, whatever. Stupid ME. I can't believe I let myself get carried away like that. I finally came to a stop, and slowly it dawned to me where I was.

"God.." I muttered. "I haven't been in this part of the woods forever," Ryder and I used to come here all the time. It was a peaceful part of the woods, and we loved it. We actually found it by accident after we got lost. Long story. Anyway, we had found a cabin too. I wonder if it was still there..

Cautiously, I made my way through the brambles and came upon said cabin. After eight freaking years, it was still in perfect condition. "It's still here..." I mused aloud. I walked up to it cautiously, and slowly stepped inside. Despite my annoyance, I smiled, then threw my jacket off and flopped onto the couch. I figured no one was going to show so I could let my scars breathe. I felt myself half drifting off to sleep until I felt someone's warm hands gently rub my waist.

I yelped and bolted upright. "What the—?!"

"Sleep easy, kitten," Seth cooed.

"I hate you. Just fucking leave me alone." I spoke coldly.

He chuckled. "You say that but you don't really,"

Unfortunately, he was right. Well half right. I hated Seth. But not Ryder. I could never hate Ryder. He used to protect me. Help me. "Just shut up and go away," I growled.

He didnt respond, just simply rubbed my arms gently.

I shivered and pulled away. "Stop it!"

"Aw come on kitten," he said with a smirk.

I grumbled and then held my hand out expectantly.

"What?" he asked innocently.

"You know what," I said.

"What is it?" he asked innocently again. "I don't have anything,"

I rolled my eyes. "Give me the vodka."

He sighed and handed me the bottle. "How'd you know,"

I popped it open and took a huge gulp. It burned down my throat, and I embraced it. "You're eighteen Ryder. You used to do it when you were ten."

"So..." he stared at me.

I snorted. "So I figured you'd do it again. We used to have drinking competitions when I was nine for fuck's sake," I reminded him.

He grinned and snatched the bottle from me drinking some of it. "Oh yeah. It was awesome."

I yanked it back and finished it off. "And I always won remember?"

He pouted. "That's cause I let you win,"

I snickered and held my hand out again. "Hand me the other bottle. And, no, I always won because I'm just that awesome."

He groaned and handed me one of the other bottles of vodka he brought. As far as I figured he had about six or seven. Maybe more. "Don't drink too much Rose," he warned.

I sneered at him as I popped the top and took a giant swig. "Too much? I was drinking for six freaking hours yesterday and you didn't stop me.."

He rolled his eyes and took another bottle, opening it and gulping most of it down.

As I let the vodka settle my mind, I asked him the queston that was burning inside. "Hey Ryder.. how'd you know I was here?"

He cocked his head to one side and sighed. "It wasn't rocket science to figure out you were pissed. And before, you used to always run somewhere in the forest or to this place when you got like that so.. yeah."

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