Biting You During Sex

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Klaus x Reader

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Warnings: biting, blood play, sex, smut, Klaus drinking from Reader

"Do you honestly think you can stand up to me?" Klaus said as he stepped towards you.

"You're not as scary as you think." You said stubbornly, swallowing the waver in your voice.

"Oh I'm not am I?" he swaggered over to the wall next to you and lent against it.

"Not at all." You took a deep breath when he was suddenly in front of you.

"Well aren't we brave today." Klaus chuckled and backed you against the wall, slowly leaning down and kissing you.

Almost instantly your frustrations with each other snapped into lust and you were scrambling to tug each other's clothes off. He'd lifted you into his arms and was using the wall to keep you propped up as he wrapped your legs around his waist.

Your whole body rolled and arched as he pushed into you, his concentration split between watching you and thrusting into you. The rapid movements, the noises and touches to egg him on and the way your hair teasingly slid off your neck was too much for the already frustrated Hybrid.

"Klaus!" You gasped out when his fangs punctured you neck, one hand that had been at your back now smoothing the blood trickling down you.

He groaned as you pulled him away by the back of his hair, both watching his thrusts jerk your body and cause the droplets to dribble across your breast. He took your nipple into his mouth, swirling and flicking his tongue over it until he'd cleaned the blood off and started making his way back up to your neck

He continued to lap at the gentle trickle of blood as he pounded you against the wall, hips jerking desperately until your walls clenched around him, encouraging his own high to build further. A satisfied rumble vibrated Klaus' chest and you quickly decided to be brave and pushed his head against your neck.

Klaus almost instantly came undone, his pleasured cry muffled as he drank, his hips slowed as you came and clutched onto his shoulders.

"Perhaps being brave is a good thing." Klaus muttered once he'd pulled away and set you down.

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