The Diary

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Now that Tsuna was gone... no one knew what to do...

The maids and butlers were mad at them but wouldn't show it.. I mean who wouldn't be mad when their kind and caring boss died and his Guardians was talking shit about him before he died.

Whenever a maid or butler pass by Tsuna's room they would bow down in respect then leave. While the Guardians just avoided the room the best they can because it reminded them of what they did.

They knew that their apologies to Tsuna was fake and they knew they couldn't lie to Tsuna because of his Hyper Intuition.


They were guilty that they made someone feel that way and they apologized because of guilt.

And they also knew that it wasn't Tsuna's fault and yet they still blamed him.

Reborn was walking around the mansion AKA castle because he was trying to clear his mind. When Reborn saw the familiar double mahogany door he felt like he didn't even deserve to pass by there...

He didn't even know why he hated Tsuna... he didn't even know why he avoided him.. Tsuna saved him from the curse and in return he just avoided him.. it was like his only purpose was to stay with him and get something he wants then leave.

Reborn decided to look at Tsuna's room since he haven't been in there for awhile. He opened the doors to be greeted with a clean room but a ruffled bed.

'No one had been here for awhile...' Reborn thought and went to the small desk and there lies a small notebook.

Reborn opened it and saw entries.... so he decided to read through it.

Entry #1: October 20, 20XX

I wonder why I decided to write entries... its probably because I want to let it all out.

Today I was heading to the dining room for breakfast but I accidentally heard something that made everything in my world turn 360 degrees.

It seems they didn't really care about me... maybe they would stop eventually... but that's probably only wishful thinking... even my intuition is telling me to stop hoping...

Reborn was speechless and contiued reading..

I was going to tell them about me being the last Sky Arcobaleno but.... I just discarded the idea.. they wanted me to die....

Now Reborn noticed that the paper was wet before.. perhaps it was tears?

Well I guess they're going to get their wish... I'm going to die on my 27th one would try to stop it from happening. In this world... There is no Hero.

And then the entry ended there....

Reborn needed to punch his Guardians and might as well kill them but he knew he was also one of the reason his Student has been depressed when he was still alive. He closed the notebook and was about to leave the room when he saw that the pillows had tear stains....

Reborn gritted his teeth and clenched his fist. Why didn't he notice all this?! Reborn left the room with the notebook and went to his own room.

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