Poem-missing the man I love

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Missing the man I love

I miss the man I love,

He and I fits like a glove,

He being gone is really tough.

Missing his smile,

And miss his style.

Missing his kiss,

That is what I miss.

Missing his touch,

So much.

Missing the comfort that he gives me,

Thinking of the way he holds me.

Then I fall fast asleep,

Then having a dream of me.

I feel like I'm falling out of a tree,

I wish he was here to save me.

I fall from the tree,

Help, save me.

Then I wake up,

That was so screwed up.

Thinking of the dream,

That made me scream.

No ground under that tree,

that I found.

Then I looked around,

Then I hear a sound.

And sadly,

Its just me.

So then I fell to the ground,

crying then I went and lied down.

Then the phone rings,

And he's calling me.

I tell him the dream,

That made me scream,

when I was falling from the tree,

I wanted him to save me.

He already saved me,

when he married me.

He saved me from,

the mean family.

And again he just saved me,

Maybe not from that tree,

But by the way he comfort me.

He said he loves me, Misses me,

And That he will be here with me,

And be there for me.

And now I feel so free,

Because he just comfort me.

Missing his laugh,

And not listening to the band Aftermath.

I want to find a good song,

Because,He will be here Monday not long,

I will hold him, kiss him so long,

He is so happy that I stayed strong,

For so long,

And now for that song,

All summer long.

He really likes that song,

And so does our oldest son,

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