classes part 2

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I got out of the shower getting free of gravy and get dressed.

I look at the clock and it is 1:00 oclock so five minutes to get to class.

I take my time table out and it is double DADA,i find it on the map and get to my class.

My class was walking in to the room and I walked in,there were no tables or anything but a wardeobe in the middle of the class,oh wait I read about thesse in a book Dumbledode gave me,it is a boggart,cool.

"There you are,are you alright and we dont havs anymore classes after this because there is a quidditch match"Hermione said

"Yeah I am fine and I know"

"Alright class my name is Professor Lupin and I am your DADA teacher,I am going to ask your names to get to know you"Said Lupin

Lupin went around asking everyone their name and he got to me.

He is staring at me which is awkard so I cough to get his attention he snaps out of it and smiles.

"So what is your name"he asks me

"Charlotte Black"I say

He stares at me with wide eyes and open mouth but quickly recovers and nod his hair,he walks over to the boggart.

"okay class who know what this does"He asks patting the boggart

I quickly put my hand up"It is a boggart,it changes into the object the person who is facing it fears most,no one knows what it looks like as it changes into something different everytime,it likes enclosed spaces like bedrooms,cuboards and wardeobes"I say

Professor lupin looks impressed

"Well done Charlotte that is correct"he say

"line up and we will practice getting them away"everyone lines into a line"good now Neville (who is at the front)what do you fear the most"he says

Professor Snape"Neville says and everyone one laughs

"you live with your grandmother Neville,am i correct"Neville nods

Professor leans down and whispers in his ear.

"Right class you are going to think of your most feared thing and picture it in the most funniest way and say riddicioulus"Lupin says

"ready Neville"he says and Neville nods

Profeesor Lupin opens the door and Professor Snape came out and Neville shout riddickulious and Snape changes into Nevilles grandmothers clothes.

People have snakes,spiders,insects and Hermione had Dumbledore telling her she failed.

I am next but i dont know what it will turn into but i have a guess and i dont want people seeing it.

I walk up and the shape spins around to me bleeding,bruisded and nearly dead laying on the floor,all of a sudden a knife lands in my boggart chest and I am dieing.I watch it in shock and start crying "Riddickulious"I say in a quivering voice but it doesnt change.

Riddickioulus"I turn to see Lupin with his wand out and it changes to a full moon.

I grab my bag and walk out crying"wait" I hear and Lupin is standing at his door but i keep walking.I cant beleive people saw that,i am just afraid that Mark will go to far when I go home and kill me but I have finnally found somewhere I am loved and i dont wanna leave it.I get to my bedroom and have nap.

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