Chapter 12: Lander

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"Lander! What the hell are you doing?!" Levi growled out as he stomped through the woods towards us. He was mad. Waves of anger were flowing off of him so violently that they almost knocked me over.

Elliot wrapped his arm around my waist and steadied me. I had no idea that the bond with Levi would affect me in such a way.

Lander looked casually at Levi and shrugged. He didn't even look threatened as his brother stormed towards him in all his might. "Well, I have business to talk with you about and headed over. I can't help that I just happened to cross paths with them along my way."

He gave his brother a playful grin which did not help to calm Levi down. Levi stomped towards him, standing almost nose to nose with his younger brother. The power dripping off of him was overwhelming. It was in that moment I developed an immense amount respect for Lander, I couldn't imagine being in his shoes and not falling on my ass.

"I told you I wouldn't let you meet her until she was ready."

Lander sighed and threw up his arms. "I understand that but Levi, I mean Christ, you can smell her from the damn pack line. I've had to tell at least two trackers and two of our warriors on patrol a lie so they wouldn't come looking for her."

Levi leaned back at bit then looked at me. He was concerned, it was evident. What Lander was saying was not good, not if we wanted to keep my identity a secret.

"Levi," Lander sighed out. He looked tired, he must be tired. He had to be the one who was handling the pack for Levi, Levi's beta and stand in alpha. It was a task that his wolf wasn't made for, my wolf knew that. He may have alpha blood running in his veins but he was not truly cut out to lead a pack, the toll of trying to do so must have been exhausting. "Levi, she's an alpha female. Every male within miles of her will get some kind of scent of her, if not further. We need to talk about this amongst other things."

"Fine," Levi bit out. He looked back at me with eyes still storming with anger. "Let's go Charlie, that deer won't keep you fed for long."

The run back seemed to calm Levi down. It didn't seem like Lander was trying to harm him, or us. My wolf agreed. She wasn't sure of him yet, but she also no longer had the urge to eat him alive.

Levi threw on his favorite pair of worn wranglers and a green sweatshirt. I shifted back at the steps and quickly made my way into my room before the other's got back so I could change.

I had just thrown on a long-sleeved white shirt with 'Nike' written across it and some black Hot-Chili leggings when they came in.

Lander was arguing with Levi and Derek was trying to reason with him. I walked into the kitchen to see the testosterone filled mess and groaned. My wolf rolled her eyes as well, men could be such children.

Levi snapped his cold silver eyes to me as I stepped towards them. "Charlotte go back to your room."

A low rumble filled my throat. My wolf did not like being dismissed. "No."

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