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"Uhh I hate Raven!! Starfire I'm so sorry but I have to break up with you. I'm still not over Raven. It was Raven this and Raven that. Raven Raven Raven. I thought killing her would get Robin and I closer together, but he went all boo hoo hoo.  I hate Raven since she ruined my life. So what should I do?" Starfire asked the girl sitting next to her.
"Well if was you, I would go get robin back at any cost. ANY COST!" Jinx replied " Artemis stole my kid flash away, I'm just trying to find away to get around her villainous family which I do respect and hate at the same time." Jinx replied squeezing her cup off coffee so hard that it almost exploded.
"Why thanks the advice. I accept it" starfire said shaking jinx's hand "good luck with your plan." Jinx yelled as star made her way out of the coffee shop.

Sorry for the short chapter and lack of updates. I've had a lot of homework and other things lately along with a writers block.

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