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It had been three days since they decided I would sleep at SRC with them each night. I didn't mind because it meant if something went wrong, I was right there to help. It also meant that I got to be held and snuggled with, which was a definite plus.

We'd begun to work on each of them getting stronger, with the hopes that in a week or three, they wouldn't need to be here. My problem with the arrangement boiled down to the little moments. Like when North would grunt in approval, or Kota would look at me like I just solved his puzzle, like I was that missing piece that had been gone from the big picture all those years. Not important when the puzzle was in shambles, but glaring when they tried to put it together.

In those moments, I wondered what I would do when they moved on, when they went back to their lives outside of the recovery center, and I was forced to go back to mine. Back to the apartment I'd spent a total of two nights in, and only one of those nights alone.

My belongings had been lost somehow, I wasn't exactly sure on the details, but the company was sending me a check that was sizable. When I told Kota about it, he looked irritated and informed me it was enough that I could buy back my things, and then some, but it was mostly money to keep me from suing them- which was apparently in my right to do so.

I was content with the check.

Gabriel had been going over home catalogues on a laptop that Luke had gone out and gotten for him with a black credit card that Victor had handed over without so much as a flinch at the high end item being purchased with it.

I'd tried informing Gabriel that most of my things would be bought from thrift shop finds, and he narrowed his eyes in my direction, but said nothing in reply.

Now, I was typing on my computer, giving an update on their recoveries. North could now walk the perimeter on his own. He still got red faced and sweaty, but not as bad as it had been. It didn't help that when I say walk, I mean half walk, half jog.

Luke's stitches had come out, leaving a very slight, unnoticeable scar, and Victor's stitches were going to be able to come out soon. Kota's ribs were no longer bruised, and while they gave him pains whenever he exited or sat in a bed or chair, he was mostly fine. Victor was still subjected to his bed, until his stitches could come out, and he could move without the possibility of ripping one.

Sean had stayed in bed for a few days finding his strength after having had harsh surgeries, but today he was up and doing laps with North-- albeit slower, and scolding North for trying to push himself.

Gabriel Coleman seemed to have made a full recovery by the third day being off life support. He kept bugging me about going shopping for everyone, and being allowed to see my home so he could know what he was working with.

I'd been pushing both of those things off, knowing that if they didn't tire him out, I'd be tired out. He'd nearly made me go today, whining about it being a weekend, but I had been saved by the information that both Owen Blackbourne and Nathan Griffin were scheduled to arrive sometime today during lunch.

I finished my reports and stood up, stretching. Gabriel's eyes snapped over to me and he grumbled something. I flushed, and pulled my nearly too small shirt down so it once again covered my stomach fully. I would need to throw it away soon, but it was familiar and soft.

I tugged it again, considering going into the bathroom and changing, but I had already run out of what I considered acceptable work clothes, and didn't want to start repeating my outfits after only a week.

I'd need to go shopping today, and I knew without a doubt, Gabriel wouldn't allow me to go shopping alone.

"Sang, do you want to play UNO with us?" Dakota asked from where he sat with Luke on his bed. I'd yet to win a game, and I was a little sour about it, so I declined.

On the same level of being a sore loser, I was kind of happy they treated me the same. I'd considered cheating, but Kota kept everyone honest with his watchful eye and counting abilities- which were a super power, I thought.

I would never go into a game of counting with him. As it was, he somehow managed to use the ability during UNO, until I accused him of cheating with it. Then he stopped, and I still lost.

Luke grinned my way. "Scared, Sorenson?"

The way he said it was like Malfoy when he taunted Harry. I stood up from my desk and crossed my arms over my chest. His grin widened and Kota pushed up his glasses before putting down his cards in a very resigned fashion.

"Okay, guys, let's not fig-" he tried to say, but Luke had already rolled off of the bed and was using a pencil to point in my direction.


I dodged to the left, and Gabriel started yelling at Luke for calling me stupid. Victor beckoned me over to his side of the room, holding up his blanket.

"Come on Princess! I've got the cloak of invisibility! I'll protect you!"

Gabriel, catching on, looked at me with wide eyes. "Trouble don't listen to that Hufflepuff, I'll protect you."

I laughed at them all and ran for Victor. Hufflepuff or not, he had a freaking cloak of invisibility. Luke shot off another spell, but it seemed he hadn't brushed up on his wizarding spells lately because all he managed to do was attempt to unlock a door.

Kota shook his head, I could see him through the stitching of the blanket. Victor's face was a breath away from mine as we watched North grunt and throw a pillow, knocking the pencil out of Luke's hands and making it clatter to the floor.

"Don't fucking shoot spells at Sang Baby."

"Oy I want a wand! This shit ain't fair. How come Victor gets the cloak? Sang! Come play with me under my blankets!"

I looked over at Victor and smiled. I'd never played like this as a kid, though I'd secretly wanted to. The truth was, I'd never even played hide and seek, so to play make believe that we were all wizards and witches from the Harry Potter world was exciting.

I didn't even mind that the blanket was musing up my hair.

Victor's eyes were crackling with warm from the fire they contained.

"Counter attack?" I whispered, my question only reaching his ears thanks to Gabriel's shouting, and Luke's attempts to remember even the basic spells.

Kota was trying to correct him, but Luke wasn't listening very well. Victor nodded confirmation, reached for me. I was confused and shocked for a half a moment, until he pulled his hand away from my breast pocket, holding one of the pens I kept there.

I grinned and grabbed a pen of my own. Together, we counted down on our fingers, and when we got to one, I threw off the blankets and pointed my wand in the direction I thought Luke was still in.

The spell fell out of my lips before I could register that two new people were in the room. One of them looked perfect even in the light sweats and dark grey t-shirt that he wore, while the other one looked as if athletic clothes had been invented specifically with him in mind.

The former of the two raised a single dark eyebrow at me, and with the smallest smile I'd seen in my life, he addressed me.

"Forgive me for not being completely sure, but did you just use a forbidden spell on an innocent bystander, Miss?"

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