Chapter 1

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Aphmau POV

Right now, me and Katelyn are in a hotel in Canada, the place of the hunger games. We have decided to look here first because I know of one of the recruits that are Canadian. The BajanCanadian. If he isn't here then at least his friend should be here, Jerone the Baka. Me and Katelyn are just walking around the town when I see a flyer on the wall. It interests me so I drag Katelyn over to the poster with me.

Dear readers,

This months game of the hunger games will have a chance to meet the famous BajanCanadian and Jerome, the hunger games masters.

Rules: no killing, no cheating and no teaming.

I turn to Katelyn. "We have to do this. They are both members of the sky army and they might know where the leaders are."

"Is this safe? You could become seriously injured." I give her a look.

"I'm a superhero. I think I will do good as long as I have a certain best friend cheering me on." I turn to her, smiling.

"No way! I'm joining with you." She punches the air, showing the flames and her determination to fight. I just shake my head.

"You can't take your gloves and you don't know how to use a sword. Leave this to the hunger games queen. Me, Mitch and Jerome created the hunger games as a training game to pass the time and train at the same time while I was in the sky army. Just because I haven't seen them since my 16th birthday doesn't mean I will die instantly." I tell her.

"Won't you just be able to find and ask his location?" I just shake my head.

"If the prize is to meet them then do you really think they come out often?" As to go against me, I hear an announcement.

"Everybody move out of the way for the Hunger Games kings!" Everybody moves out of the road to let a limousine through. In the open window of the limousine, I can see both Mitch and Jerome waving out of the window. He briefly looks at me and I thought I could see his eyes widen for a second but it must have just been my imagination. Right now, I am in my normal purple vest and white shorts with my black gloves. He shouldn't recognise me. Soon, the limousine has passed and everybody went back to doing what they were doing.

"Well that was unexpected." I tell her. I don't hear her reply so I turn around to see her not their. "Katelyn? Where are you?" I sigh and start looking because me being me forgot that I could mingling her. After 30 minutes, I remembered that I could.

"Katelyn where are you?" I ask.

"I'm lost. Can we meet at the hotel?" At that, I sweat drop and face palm, making people stare at me.

"I will be their in a bit. I will go pick us up some food." I cut off the mind link and go into a food shop, ordering some food for us. While waiting for the food, I overhear two girls in the corner.

"I heard that BajanCanadian and Jerome are both going to be in the hunger games this month." Girl 1 said.

"Really? Joining that game would be bad. Nobody would stand a chance at winning." Girl 2 said. At that I smirk. I have been the only one to defeat them back when we were in the sky army.

"It's sad that he doesn't give out his real name isn't it? Only Jerome has." This information intrigued me.

"I know right!" The other girl says. This is when I decide to stop listening. Five minutes later, my food is ready and I take it and walk back to the hotel, taking a hunger games leaflet as I walked by the leaflet stand. As soon as I reach the room, I see Katelyn watching tv.

"Food!" I put the bag on the table, making sure Katelyn doesn't dive and steal all of the food. I take out my food and place it on a plate before doing the same for Katelyn.

"Thank you for the food!" She tells me before shoving it all in her mouth. Being the mature person that I am, I do the same. What? If she can do it then so can I. Soon, we are finished so I summon an iron sword from my Mjolnir charm and start to practice with the sword. Katelyn watches me with amazement. "I didn't know you were so good with a sword." She tells me.

"I always have been since I was six. Me and Sky found out that the squids were evil so we and our friends practiced and created an army to kill them. Jerome and Mitch were the trainers after I trained them. I know their every move they will make since I taught them." I inform her. Soon it is 10pm and we both get ready for bed, setting my alarm for 8am.

"Goodnight Jess." Katelyn tells me.

"Night Katelyn." I slowly let sleep overtake me.

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