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Pen Your Pride

Future!Tord x reader

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Fire was everywhere.

The flames showed no mercy to you either.

You had a fully burnt arm,and some burnt patches of skin on your legs and face. You had to cut you hair with glass to  prevent your hair catching on fire easily.

Now your legs were under rubble,and all you could do was watch as people were shot to death.

You were lucky you were well hidden,and if any one got close,you would use a nearby corpse of a elderly lady who was shot in the head and chest.

You laid your head in your arms,crying away your pain in your legs.

----time skip------

You slept for three hours till waking up to a flashlight in your face.

You were stupid enough to look up at the owner,to see a man in a soldier uniform like the others,but had badges on his chest.

His eyes were bloody red,had two horns for hair,robotic arm,and an eyepatch of his right eye.

He had a few bandages witch indicated he did a handful of these types of invasions.

You shook in fear of what he might do. His shot gun had the flashlight at the top so the gun was pointed at you.

"Hey,it's ok, I won't shoot as long as you do what I say..." He had a deep Norwegian accent,witch slightly made you light headed.

You nodded.

The man signaled some soldiers over to get you out of the rubble.


You were currently sitting in the man's 'office'.

He had a first aid kit out,already cleaning your burnt marks and cuts.

You hissed at the alcohol's touch,but had fear in your eyes at the man's touch.

"So who's wounds am I cleaning?" The man asked. You looked at him,before saying in a very raspy voice from not talking for so long."(y-y/n),sir...". He nodded." Red leader,but call me Tord,though not in front of my soldiers." He said sternly. You again nodded,making him smile,and chuckle a bit.

WAIT!! Did he say 'MY soldiers'??? Is he a general??? It would explain 'Red Leader' and the badges on his chest!!

You froze up,forgetting to breathe till you cough.

"Are you ok?" Tord asked.

You nodded.

"Well,I'm finished here,you may sleep in that room..." Tord said pointing at a white door with a lil blood at the edges.

You gulped and went into the room.

You left the door open,not trusting what might be in here,and laid on the bed.

Your mind wondered till your eyes felt heavy.

-red leaders pov-

I sighed,finishing up my paper work,getting up to sleep.

I then realize I have (y/n) sleeping in my room.

I peeked in and saw them asleep.

I'll just sleep in an extra room.

I walked up to the closet,looking for blankets and pillows. I found some and walked away from the closet.

My eyes trailed to (y/n).

They seemed peaceful...

I leaned down and kissed their forehead before heading off to another room.

I might enjoy this new (chick,guy).

YAY!!!!! So Tord likes ya!!!
Tord: of course! It's a one shot!
HAHAHA!!-shut up

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