My heart skipped a beat at being called their anything. For some reason, I didn't mind them claiming me. I saw a brief flash of something behind Kota's glasses.


Was he worried I was playing them, or was he worried his family was going to be hurt in the end of all the fun and games. Maybe that's what worried him, that it was going to end with someone getting hurt, and it wouldn't be funny anymore.

As I watched them all agree that I could be each of their something, I numbly thought that if anyone was going to come out of this hurt, it would be me.

It took a moment for me to realized they'd stopped talking, and were all now gazing at me. Some of them were smiling, like Sean and Luke, but North was watching me with a dark expression. I felt like he was trying to extract my thoughts from my head in attempt to know if my feelings and thoughts aligned with his.

I turned away from him, only to meet Victor's fire eyes.

I stared for a moment, and then cleared my throat.

"Vitals." I mumbled to myself, and made my way around the room.

I gave those who needed it, their medicine, and told Dr. Sean Green that I was nearly a doctor. I informed him on the status of those around him, and the ones who'd yet to join the ward that was slowly driving me up walls I hadn't known existed.

When I'd finished that task, I walked over to my computer desk and unplugged North's fully charged phone. Victor had me plug his in. Sean's phone was fully charged, and Gabriel had a portable charger in his bag.

I ordered dinner for them, and when we'd finished eating, I took back the tray. When I got back to the room I was drained. I'd interacted with these people more than I had during my entire stay in college. To put it simply, I was exhausted.

The boys caught on, and they had understanding in their eyes when I told them I was going to clock out for the night. It wasn't until I'd logged off my computer that Luke spoke. Some part of me had been hoping he'd invited himself to stay at my house again, to keep me company in the event that another dream attacked me.

But as it turned out, he invited me to stay with them.


I turned towards him, rubbing my eyes, "Yes Luke?"

"You could stay here."

At this the others perked up, and even North, who looked ready to pass out, seemed wide awake for the moment.

I shifted my weight. "But.."

"But, nothing. Sugar I saw your place, and it's nice, but it has nothing in it. You'd be more comfortable on a bed. Plus, I don't like the idea of you spending nights all alone without so much as a nightlight to keep you company."

You could keep me company. Had I really just thought that? My subconscious is going to get me in trouble one of these days, when I say what I think out loud.

I tried to find words that would make it sound better than it was, but Dr. Roberts had told me that I would get a text on my phone when my things arrived, and that hadn't happened.

"Oh fuck no, Sang Baby, you're staying with us and that's final."

I raised an eyebrow in silent challenge.

Sean was the one who replied, sounding smug and delighted all in one go. "We'll page you non stop all night, and then none of us will get sleep."

Luke grinned at his brothers, knowing they had me somewhat trapped in an argument I would likely lose. There was just too many of them, with all the right things to say, and ammunition to fire, for me to launch a counter attack.

I felt myself fall a little more.

"Okay," I said, hesitantly and then pointed at all of them, "But you all have to be good tomorrow and on your best behavior and do what your told and not tease me."

Victor looked mock offended, and Kota pushed up his glasses.

"We are willing, and we will obey your wishes, Sang."

I smiled at the way Kota said it. "Thank you Dakota," I murmured, and his mouth popped open a little bit.

Shut off the light and crawled into Owen's bed between Kota and Luke. I thought about crawling into Nathan's bed, but every time I passed Silas in his coma, I felt sad and wanted to shake him awake- which realistically I knew was stupid and wouldn't work.

The guys were quiet for a while and then Sean cleared his throat.

"Good night Luke."

A pause, and then all the others echoed: "Good night Luke."

I could see Luke through the darkness of the room. He turned to face me and grinned softly as he spoke. "Night Gabe."

Luke made a funny face at me, and I tried my best not to laugh- somehow succeeding.

A pause, and all but Gabriel repeated the goodnight wish. Gabriel named Kota. Kota named Victor. Victor named North, and North said goodnight to Sean. It was incredibly cute the way they did it, like a repeat after me song that was passed down the line until they'd all gotten a good night from everyone, and said goodnight to everyone in return.

I found myself grinning back at Luke. Once all of the boys had been wished a good night, there was a pause.

"Goodnight Princess." "Goodnight Sang." "Goodnight Sang Baby." "Goodnight Dr. Sang." "Goodnight Trouble." They said at the same time, though their endings varied.

I felt my heart filling up, but it wasn't completely full, and I had a feeling it was saving room. "Goodnight boys," I said, loud enough for them all to hear.

After that no one spoke, and I fell asleep quickly. 

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