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Getting the boys to calm down, and Dr. Sean Green to get into his bed, was much harder than you'd expect. They all started cheerfully explaining to each other- all at once I might add- why I was falling for them.

North didn't participate as much as the others, but when he did I could clearly hear his voice above all the rest.

I was flustered. The more they joked about why I was supposed to be falling for them, the more I realized that I was. After three days I was falling for them each just a little bit. Well maybe not Sean, but with the way my day is going so far, I doubt it would be long before I fell a little bit for him as well.

I let them argue. Not to hear them fight-teasingly of course- over me, but to try and figure out if I liked any one of them over the other. I didn't. I tried to choose based off of looks alone, but it was too difficult. They were all so different, it was like trying to compare your favorite book to your favorite song to your favorite .... Well you get the idea. They were all so different, that trying to judge them side by side just didn't make sense.

I put a hand up, "Boys!"

Most of them stopped bickering to look at me, but Sean said one last thing.

"I would like to point out that I'm the oldest, and I'm a man, and that should also be on your pros and cons list for loving me, but I doubt there's even need for a cons list."

He probably would have continued if Kota hadn't scolded him for interrupting me. I sent a silent thank you to Kota, but was still blushing at Dr. Sean's antics.

"Sean, I need you to get to your bed, it's next to Victor's bed, and I need to check your vitals and do some reports," I paused, "Wasn't someone supposed to drop you off in a wheelchair?"

Sean ran his fingers through his curly hair and sent a heart stopping smile my way. I had a feeling he'd been working on it for years. The flirty nature came naturally, so I wasn't sure if he was being sincere in his interests, or just playing along with the others.

Does it even matter?

Maybe it shouldn't, but I was fairly certain I cared whether or not he liked me. He certainly was cute, and .. No, Sang, get your head out of the clouds and back to planet earth.

I started to argue with myself about whether or not I should be letting myself crush on this newcomer, when I already had my hands full with the other boys- boys he considered family no less, when Victor's voice pulled me out of my thoughts.

"Sang, Princess? Are you alright? Did we overwhelm you?"

"Oy you can't call her Princess."

Victor's voice came out defensive the next time he spoke ."Why not? North gets to call her 'Baby'."

I focused and Victor had his arms loosely folded, cautious as to not disturb his stitches. Sean was sitting on his bed, but I didn't miss the fact that he wore comfortable sweats and an expensive, albeit comfortable, looking purple shirt.

"Because then I couldn't call her Trouble."

I frowned at that. "Why not?" the words came out of my mouth before I could ponder the meaning of self control.

Gabriel didn't think anything of it, and it seemed neither did any of the other guys.

"Because Princesses are all nice and shit and they don't get in trouble."

I wanted to bring up the movie, Brave, but Sean's eyes sparkled as he replied before I could make my mouth function.

"Well that doesn't mean she can't be your Trouble, and Victor's Princess."

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