But as soon as I saw his chest and rib area, I was in complete professional doctor mode. There were in fact bruises, but they weren't as bad as they could have been. I recognized the shape to be from someone kicking him repeatedly, and felt a rage I didn't know I was capable of.

What had happened to these boys? And who was responsible for hurting them?

I kept my emotions under check though, something I had learned from living in the house I'd grown up with. Keep a blank face. Don't let anyone know what you're thinking, or you're in trouble. I learned to perfect my face, keeping every emotion and thought bottled away.

It was something I learned right around the same time that I mastered the silent cry.

I finished looking over Kota and made a few marks in his chart before putting his pain medication into his IV. When I'd done that, I walked over to the computer and put in an order for his bruise cream. At this point, North was done talking on the phone with Luke and had begun doing something.

Even though there was literally nothing on the phone, I felt like I should have been uncomfortable with him playing with it. I ignored the thought, and turned to the only two patients that were awake.

"Is anyone hungry? I can order some.." I checked the time and winced. "Lunch? Or brunch if you haven't eaten yet?"

Both of them nodded an affirmative, and when I asked what they'd like to eat, they both left the option up to me. After ordering the food from the program on my computer, I checked the forum for their ward. The night shift person had recorded that Gabriel had an easy night, and that his condition seemed to be getting better. They had nothing else to report.

I wondered when I would meet the other people assigned to this ward, but pushed the thought away as I got up and checked everyone's vitals that I hadn't already gotten to. When I walked by North he reached out, and I was ready when he grabbed my wrist this time.

We met eyes and I raised an eyebrow.

"Can you do me a favor?" he asked, not unkindly.

I tilted my head for him to continue, knowing that Kota was watching us.

"Our stuff is somewhere in this recovery center, probably in a storage room. Could you maybe get it for us?"

I bit my lip and thought it over.

"I could probably get your things, and Kota's as well, but I might have to wait for each person to wake before I'm allowed to get their belongings."

North nodded and dropped my wrist.

I glanced over in Kota's direction and smiled slightly.

"Alright, boys, I'll be back soon, if the food arrives before I do, don't hesitate to eat. And also, you've both got a pager button on the remotes next to your beds. Page me for anything."

They both nodded their understanding, and I left the room to go find their stuff. It took me longer than I thought it would, and I had to stop and ask the reception desk if there even was such a place that kept patient belongings. It turned out that there was, and it was on the bottom level.

When I finally returned to the room, I was surprised to see the boy from yesterday who had held open the door for me. I wondered if he was a friend, because he certainly couldn't be North's brother. They looked too opposite for that.

I frowned at myself. They could be brothers. Afterall, Marie and I didn't really look alike, and we were sisters. Kota noticed me first, and smiled warmly.

"Sang. We waited for you to come back before we ate.. Luke had to keep North from getting up and finding you, because we thought you might have gotten lost or something. Are you hungry?" My eyes flicked over to Luke, who'd now turned around and was studying me curiously.

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