Chapter 10. Edited.

''You idiot'', I shouted at him, that was when I exploded. ''First off you practically beat me, and then you make love to me,  But you don't even wear a fucking condom'', I shouted throwing the little package at him. "Not to mention creeping outside my house this morning like a psychopath!", I threw a lamp at him. Incredibly over dramatic but I could not control myself as every negative emotion poured out of me. He dodged the lamp and it smashed off the wall. I grabbed my dressing gown and pulled it on. ''Now put on some pants and get the fuck out of my house'', I said throwing his pants at him. I stormed to my bedroom door. I turned around and said, ''And you can buy me a new phone'', I said pulling open the door and slamming right into Johnny. I looked up at him and he looked at me with questioning eyes.

''Milo sent me up here to see what was going on'', He said trying to look in the door just as I pulled it shut.

''Nothing'', I said pushing around him.

''Well obviously something was going on with all the shouting'', He said following me.

''We just got into a fight'', I said now walking down the stairs.

''Over what?'', He asked.

I turned sharply and spat out ''Why do you care?'', I asked sharply.

''I don't know'', He said with soft eyes.

I turned and kept walking until I reached the bottom of the stairs. Johnny was still following me when I walked into the sitting room where Milo was eyeing me suspiciously.

''What's going on?'', He asked taking in my half dressed self.

''Nothing'', I said plopping into my usual chair.

''Where's Cameron?'', Milo asked.

''Leaving'', I replied.

''Why?'', He asked.

''Because I told him too'', I said snobbily.

''You sounded like ye were getting on OK last night'', He said and I could see he was fighting to keep a smile off his face. I groaned and got up and stormed back upstairs not knowing where I was actually meant to go. I was about to go into Milo's room and stay there until I heard someone crying. I slowly walked up to my bedroom door and put my ear to the door and sure enough the whimpering was coming from inside. I am the one who gets beat up by him and mentally tortured by him but he's the one crying.

I slowly opened the door and there was Cameron bent over in half, sitting on the side of my bed crying.

''Cameron'', I whispered and he looked up.

His eyes were red from crying and he now had his jeans on but he was still shirtless. ''I'll be gone in 1 second'', He said slipping on his t-shirt.

I felt like my heart was breaking. I had tried so hard not to hurt anyone in all this chaos, but the one person I never thought it would hurt was Cameron.

''I'll have your phone replaced by the weekend'', He said picking up his bag and walking towards me. He leaned down and kissed the top of my head and whispered ''I am sorry and I never meant to hurt you. I love you more than my own life. You own my heart and with you it shall forever stay and never doubt that'', He said.

I could feel a tear drop on my forehead. Why did I feel so bad for getting rid of  what had become toxic in my life, ''Cameron'', I whispered as his touch left my skin.

''Why?'', I asked. ''Why did you change?'', I asked again. ''I loved you'', I said the tears now coming.

''That's why'', He said. ''I knew you had loved me and I was going to lose you so I lost it, and did everything to keep you'', He said and I could hear the sadness in his voice. ''I'm sorry'', He said he kissed me once more on the forehead and he was gone.

Right now I should have felt relief but instead I felt empty, I felt sick and worthless. I never made it into my bedroom, I slumped down outside my door.


I felt something touch my shoulder and I jumped hitting my head off the wall. I must have fallen asleep. Johnny was leaning over me with sad eyes.

''Hey are you OK?'', He asked grabbing my hand and hoisting me up off the ground.

''Your dressing gown'', He said going bright red and looking over my head.

I looked down and sure enough the tie was open and so was the gown. I tied it back very quickly and my face must have gone beetroot because Johnny laughed when he looked back at me.

''Mrs. Paige is down stairs. She said there's something she needs to talk to you about'', He said and the look he gave me it looked like he thought it had something to do with the fight me and Cam had had this morning.

'Oh OK'', I said staring to walk downstairs.

''Where's Milo'', I asked trying to have a conversation.

''He  is gone out with Katie'', He said scratching his head and going red again.

''AH I see'', I said laughing.

Mrs. Paige came into my view then and she had red rimmed eyes but a warm smile. ''Hey'', I said going to sit across from her.

''What's up'', I asked her smiling.

''Honey it's about Cameron. I know what's going on'', She said wiping tears from her face.

I knew what she was talking about instantly and I could feel my face becoming stone as I turned to Johnny. ''Can I talk to her in private'', I said as Louise wiped her eyes with a tissue she pulled out of her sleeve. Johnny gave me a weary look but when he looked at Louise and he nodded and walked out of the room shutting the door behind him.

''What do you mean?'', I asked reaching a hand across the table and taking her hand in mine hoping to give her support.

''We moved up here from Rhode Island after had a mental breakdown, he could not face his friends after everything he done", he sniffled. ''I knew it was him who hit you when I found your phone smashed to pieces outside in the yard'', She said.

I kept calm the whole time; never being able to look her in the eyes. ''It's OK'', I said soothing her.

''So he did hit you? Where is he?'', She asked.

'''I don't know'', I said.

''I have to go'', She said.

She got up and pulled me into a hug.

''I'm sorry'', She whimpered.

She grabbed her handbag and rushed out the door.

''What was all that about'', Johnny asked re appearing.

''Nothing'', I said putting my head in my hands.

''Tell me'', He said now beside me.

''Please'', he begged tilting my head up.

I burst out crying and turned to Johnny and hugged him. He was a safe harbor he would never hurt me.

''My life's a mess', I cried.

''Its not'', He said rubbing my back.

''I'm unlovable'', I cried.

''Your not'', He said with a giggle.

''Cameron hates me'', I said.

''No he doesn't'', Johnny said.

''OK. Let me rephrase that I hate him'', I said sitting back away from him. ''I need to call Cameron'', I said getting up and that pained look Johnny wore the last time I rejected him appeared again. Milo's party was on tonight and I didn't know what I was going to do. 

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