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"Dr. Roberts, you can't just give someone a phone." I said, over the phone that he had in fact given me as a gift.

He wasn't planning to pay for the line, but it was under his account name and he'd bought the phone in full. I'd been trying to tell him for the past hour that I was perfectly capable of opening my own account, with my own name, but he wouldn't have any of "my nonsense".

"Sang; calm down. It was a requirement of the program that you be available to be reached at all time. I asked a friend of mine who to rig it so it doubles as a pager. Besides, I wasn't going to send you several states away- only to not be able to check up on you. This phone isn't for you, it's for my peace of mind and your job.." he trailed off and then cleared his throat. "But if you don't use it properly and have at least one friend's number in by the end of the week, I am going to send an ex mafia member out to teach you how to make friends."

I drew my eyebrows together and worked my teeth over my lower lip in contemplation.

"But you've already done so much in my favour, I'm so indebted to you..." I couldn't even finish, unable to even begin to think of ways to pay him back for all his services.

"You're in no debt, Sang. Favor, or money wise. Just take care of those boys you've been assigned too, okay? Focus on getting them better, and achieving your doctorate goals. That will make us even."

I wanted to argue that the only thing he was getting out of this deal was the chance to watch me succeed, but I had a feeling he'd only say something like; 'that's good enough for an old man like me.'

We talked for a few more minutes about trivial things, like how my stuff had yet to arrive, and the sun down here was vibrant. When the phone call was disconnected, I grabbed a pen and a pad, writing down both my pager, and phone number.

I decided to go out to breakfast before heading over to work. I had gone out of my way to try and pair my best clothes together for today, knowing I wouldn't have any time until after work to go shopping. Which I dreaded.

Breakfast ended up consisting of a hashbrown and muffin sandwich from a fast food place. I didn't want to buy some nice meal when I still wasn't sure of how much I would be paid, or how often. It was something I knew I should find out, but was too timid to actually ask.

I decided it was safe to ask Dr. Roberts, and shot off a text to his number. Texting him reminded me that he wanted me to make friends. The whole way over to work, I wondered exactly how one would go about getting a phone number from another person. Did you ask? Did you simply put your phone to the new contact screen, and hand it to them without a word?

Being social is hard. And I haven't even begun.

As I approached Shellsea Recovery Center, no handsome blonde stranger was there to open the door for me. Instead, I actually ended up holding the door for a few older people. After saying good morning to the new woman at the receptionist, and checking the mailbox I'd been informed belonged to me, I made my way to the B Ward.

I would officially be clocked in when I logged into my computer, and when I logged off to leave tonight, I would be clocked out. I thought the system was pretty nifty, but wondered what would happen if I forgot to logout of my computer one night. Would I be in trouble?

I pushed open the B Ward doors as quietly as I could, and stepped inside. The door fell shut in such a way that if you didn't have my exceptional hearing, you wouldn't notice it. I knew from their charts, the only boy that had close to my hearing range was North.

I glanced around the room, checking to see which ones were awake. Someone had been on the night shift watching over them, and her notes would be on both their patient charts, and the forum which doctors and nurses used, Their were several different forums, so that each room was private and kept with the doctor patient confidentiality.

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