Volume 3

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The Book of Household Management


Mrs. Isabella Beeton.

Volume 3

Published by the Ex-classics Project, 2009


Public Domain


CHAPTER XXVIII. -- General observations on creams, jellies, soufflés, omelets, & sweet dishes. 4

CHAPTER XXIX. -- Recipes for creams, jellies etc. 6

CHAPTER XXX. -- General observations on preserves, confectionary, ices, and dessert dishes. 62

CHAPTER XXXI. -- Recipes for preserves, confectionary, etc. 68

CHAPTER XXXIII. -- Recipes for milk, butter, cheese and eggs. 115

CHAPTER XXXIV. -- General observations on bread, biscuits, and cakes. 133

CHAPTER XXXV -- Recipes for bread, biscuits and cakes. 140

CHAPTER XXXVI. -- General observations on beverages 171

CHAPTER XXXVII. -- Recipes for beverages. 175

CHAPTER XXXVIII. -- Invalid cookery. 191

CHAPTER XXXIX. -- Recipes for invalids. 193

CHAPTER XL. -- Dinners and dining. 203

CHAPTER XLI. -- Domestic servants. 283

Duties of the butler. 284

Duties of the footman. 286

The coachhouse and stables. 292

Duties of the coachman, groom, and stable-boy. 294

Duties of the valet. 300

Duties of the lady's-maid. 302

Upper and under housemaids. 310

Duties of the housemaid. 310

Useful recipes for housemaids. 321

Duties of the maid-of-all-work. 322

Duties of the dairy-maid. 326

Duties of the laundry-maid. 329

Upper and under nursemaids. 334

Duties of the sick-nurse. 337

The monthly nurse. 340

The wet-nurse. 342

CHAPTER XLII. -- The rearing, management, and diseases of infancy and childhood. 345

Physiology of Life, as illustrated by Respiration, Circulation, and Digestion. 345

The lungs.-- respiration. 347

The stomach -- digestion. 348

The infant. 349

The milk. 352

Dress and Dressing, Washing, &c. 356

Rearing by hand. 358

Food, and its Preparation. 359

Teething and convulsions. 361

Thrush, and its treatment. 364

Chicken-pox, or glass-pox; and cow-pox, or vaccination. 367

Measles and scarlet fever, with the treatment of both. 369

Scarlatina, or Scarlet Fever. 371

Hooping-cough, croup, and diarrhoea, with their mode of treatment. 372

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