Habit 1/4

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You couldn't help frowning, your brow twitching in irritation while staring at the vampire sitting across from you, absently slurping down yet another bowl of instant ramen.

You had started to notice your savings dwindling after living with the bluenette vampire for a while. It didn't take you long to realize that most of the extra money was going into buying junk food for Kuro.

You couldn't help but pout slightly, watching Kuro finish off his ramen and carelessly toss the trash aside into an ever growing pile of plastic bowls and empty chip bags.

"That's it!!" You snap, slamming your hands on the table and standing up, glaring at the vampire across from you.

"Is something wro-" he began, but you were to annoyed to listen.

"All you do is laze around the house and eat junk food! You sleep ninety percent of the day, and the rest your making messes for me to clean up!" You shout.

Kuro frowned, unfazed by your out burst. "So?" He asked flatly.

"So, i think it's time for you to start shaping up!"

"What's that supposed to mean?" Kuro sighed, seeming more annoyed than anything else.

"It means, we need to break these bad habits of yours. Kuro! It's time for you to take on some responsibility."

  (To be continued)

A/N: sorry. I'm being lazy lately so in gonna make this several parts. I may put them as one chapter later, but I have other book I need to update and what not. So until next time, thank you for your patience

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