Trip to Italy

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After a couple of days, Ryan and I with Hikari and some of our stuffs, including Cassi and Will came to Itly in Venice. Yumi and Scar came to Itly too becasue Yumi needed to do modelling for Ryan's company.

"Mommy, r ve in Va nice?" Hikari mumbled as she tried to talk with her proper sentences.

"Yes baby, we are in Venice," I  said as I patted her back and she hugged me. Ryan was in the airport, talking to some airport people about the tourist hotel and Hikari was with me.

"Mommy? How dos Va nice loks like?" She asked.

"Well, Vanice is a beautiful city," I said as I started to tell her a little about Vanice.

The video about Vanice is below.

After I told Hikari about Vanice, she started to wine. "Mommy!? Hungry!"

"Hold on, baby. Daddy is trying to get a good hotel for us," I said as I searched for some food to feed her.

"Hi Alexa," Ryan said as he came near me and kissed my cheek. The he looked at Hikari and said, "Hi princess."

"Hi daddy," Hikari laughed and hugged Ryan.

"Our princess is hungry?" Ryan asked.

"Very hungry!" Hikari said.

"Let's go to the hotel. I booked us our rooms," Ryan said.

All the office stuffs and us went to the hotel. The hotel was a five star hotel and weather stuffs and us had our room in the same floor. Ryan and I took Hikari and went to our own room. The hotel rooms were very fancy and nice. After eating some food, we went to our room and I made Hikari took a nap and we also took a small nap.

The next day . . .

"Light! Camera! Action!" The director said.

I and Ryan were standing in a corner. Yumi was interested the stage, modelling. Will was taking her pictures. Yumi was were such a type of dress that was basically exposing her breasts and things. As I looked at Yumi doing more modelling, I could see that she is really beautiful. She is so cure and sexy than me. I sighed. She being Ryan's ex girlfriend is still bothering me. I mean which boy wouldn't want a woman like Yumi who is so hot and sexy?

"Love?" I heard Ryan saying. I looked at Ryan and saw him looking at me. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," I said.

Ryan sighed and put his arms on my waist and held me close.

The shoot was done and stuffs were packing when Yumi came near me and said, "Hi!"

"Hey," I said to Yumi.

Ryan was talking to Will and Cassi. I looked at Yumi and noticed how curves she is. I sighed. I wish I was so sexy and curvy like Yumi. Ryan probably like me more that way.

"Alexa, I was wondering if you want to go to a club with me?" Yumi asked.

"A club?" I asked. "Why?"

"Actually, I am kind of new to Venice and I want to go to clubs to enjoy. I mean, I love dancing . . . And I love to go to clubs and do parties . . ." Yumi said.

"But why do you want me to come eith you to the club? Plus, I don't like clubs," I said.

"Oh, come on, Alexa. Don't be such a traditional woman. Women these days enjoys bar and clubs. Nothing wrong with it. Plus, when I and Ryan were together, we used to go to clubs almost everyday. We used to have so much fun," Yumi said.

"Ryan went to clubs with you? But, Ryan said thst he doesn't like clubs . . ." I said.

"Really? Probably he is lying. That man loves to go to clubs. I even remember he asked me out in a club," Yumi said.

I was a bit mad but a bit angry too. I didn't even know that should I belive what she said or not. I mean, Ryan and I are married for a long time and I never see him talking about theses type of things.

"Do you still want to go to the club with me? I mean, clubs are fun," Yumi said.

"I will think about that later," I said.

"Alright," Yumi said. "Oh, I want to let you know that in the morning, make green tea for Ryan . Ryan especially loves green tea in the morning."

"How do you know Ryan loves green tea in the morning?" I asked Yumi. Ryan does loves green tea in the morning but how does Yumi know about Ryan these much?

"Oh, I used to make him green tea after we wake up. I mean, Ryan used to live in my apartment with me so I knew his scedual. Man, Ryan is so good in bed," Yumi said as she stretched her arms and went away.

My eyes wided. Ryan is what? That means . . . Ryan and her . . . Tears welled up in my eyes. No, this cannot be true. But, Ryan did say that Yumi was his ex girlfriend. But . . . Ryan and her . . . Suddenly,  I remembered how Yumi has a son. So, Scar is Ryan's child? I ran out of the studio and went to our room and shut the door and threw myself on our bed and started to cry. How can Ryan do this to me? Why did he deceive me? Why?

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