conflict of couple is clear

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At night . . .

I was sitting on our bed and looking through some files. There were some photographs of Yumi. She does look beautiful and prettier than me. No wonder that Ryan liked her. I sighed. Maybe I am over thinking about his ex girlfriend. I lied down on the bed and pulled a blanket on me. Ryan was again late and I had to get Hikari to her bed. I was still a bit mad at Ryan. Ryan should atleast trust me to tell me about his ex girlfriends. I mean, Ryan is popular and handsome so of course girls went to date with him but he lied to me and that's what is bothering me.

I heard the bedroom door open as I pretend to sleep, not wanting to talk to Ryan about Yumi. Ryan came in the bedroom and took off his coat and got fressed. When he came out of the washroom, he was wet and he was drying his hair with a towel. I looked at him and noticed how handsome he is.

"You are wake?" I heard Ryan said as he looked at me.

"Yes," I said as I turned on the other way,  not wanting to have a talk about his ex girlfriend.

Ryan sighed as he sat on the bed and hugged me from behind. "Sweetheart, I am sorry."

I sighed as said, "your dinner is on the table. Eat your dinner."

Ryan didn't say anything but he flipped me over and looked at me. "You are still mad at me?"

"No," I said.

"Yes, you are still mad at me," he said as he hugged me. "I am sorry. I know I shouldn't have yelled at you. You are my wife and you have the rights to know about my exgirlfriend." Ryan pulled away from the hug and looked at me and cared my cheeks. "I was in love with you since middle school but then I moved to abroad and thought of forgetting you because I couldn't concentrate in school. So, I dated Yumi to forget about you but it didn't work. I tried a lot but I realized that Yumi cannot be the girl I love. So, we broke off and we started to focus on our own career and never kept in touch until a couple of days ago when our manager appointed her to be the model of our company's fashion show and advertisement."

I looked at Ryan and put my arms on his neck and smiled.

Ryan smiled back and said, "but I have to tell you, Yumi is beautiful but not more than you. You are most beautiful girl for me."

I smiled at him. "Really?"

"Really," Ryan said as he pressed his lips on mine.

I smiled and kissed him back. Ryan started to kiss me harder and he started to trace his fingers on my hips, making me shiver. I let him play with my tongue and held his neck and pulled closer to deepen the kiss. Ryan smiled and slowly started to unbutton my night dress and kissed my collarbone and started to nibble on my earlobe as I moaned in pleasure. Ryan smiled and kissed me hard on my lips and pulled away and looked at me and said, "I love you."

I smiled and blushed and hugged him. "I love you too," I said as I kissed his forhead and he looked at me in shock and smiled and kissed me hard as he started to pulled down my panties and slowly panted kisses on my breasts making me moaned. "Aahahhhhhhhuuuunnnnnn."

Ryan smirked and slided his finger in my womanhood and explore my sex as sticky liquid slowy came out from my sex, making him smile and he kissed me on my stomach and looked at me. "You are so cute."

"Idiot," I said as I playfully punched him and let him kissed her on my lips as he slowly thrust his finger out and in my sex, making more liquids come out of sex. I could feel his manhood harden as he took off his boxers and kissed me on my neck. "Ahahahhhh. . . Ryan . . . Mmmmhhhhh . . . Embarassing . . . Mmmmhhhhh ah ha . . . Hikari . . . Ahahahhhh," I moaned and panted as he leaned down and kissed my sex.

"Shhh, Hikari is in the next room, love," he said as he kissed me harder making me love Ryan more.

Suddenly, the home phone rang.

"Ryan . . . Ahahahhhh . . . The phone . . . Mmmmhhhhh," I panted and moaned as Ryan kissed me harder on my sex , making the sticky liquid pouring out of my sex.

The phone might me important so I pulled Ryan from getting lower my sex and said, "Hello?" I panted.

"Hi Alexa," I heard Cassi saying.

"Hey Cassi," I said as I felt Ryan kissing me on my fingers.

"Alexa, we are thinking of having a family trip so that we can enjoy," Cassi said.

"Oh, ah!" I suddenly yelped as I put my hard on my lips, not wanting mom to find out what stupid Ryan was doing. That smart-ass Ryan was picking my nipples and kissed me hard.

"What happened, Alexa?" She asked.

"Nothing Cassi," I panted as Ryan started to kiss me on my navel.

"So, I was thinking that maybe we can go to a country where Ryan is having his another business work so that way, he can focus on his work and can enjoy the family vacation too," she said.

I saw Ryan spreading my things, making my sex exposed to him. I blushed and flipped over as I tried not to seem nervous. "Cassi, I will talk to Ryan about it, Ahahammm!" I moaned as blushed as I felt Ryan kissing my sex, sensually.

"Alexa, you okay?" She asked.

I panted as I wacked Ryan's head. "Yes Cassi. I am okay." My panting increased as Ryan stroked my sex with his touched and kissed on my breasts and massaged on my breasts. "Cassi . . . I will talk to you later?"

"Why?" She asked. "Oh, don't tell me that you are doing your dirty things."

"Ew! Cassi . . ." Before I could say anything, I could feel Ryan licking my neck and sucking my neck hard, making me moaned. "Ahahahhhh." I blushed as Ryan took the phone out of my hand. "Ryan . . ."

Ryan hugged me and said on the phone, "I am sorry Cassi but Alexa and I are a little busy." I could hear Cassi giggled as he hung out the phone.

"Idiot! Cassi will make fun of me," I said but he smiled as kissed me.

"She already know that we are married couple," he said as he smiled and whispered. "Are you okay?" He asked as I could feel him put his manhood on my sex. I winced a bit but soon found pleasure and  nodded as he kissed me hard and started to make love to me. I smiled at Ryan and kissed his on his lips, shyly and hugged him.

The next morning . . .

I told about Cassi's plan  to Ryan and Ryan told me that he need to work on his business in Italy so we were going to Italy for the vacation. Also, Ryan need a couple of stuffs to go with him to Italy and Yumi and her son also need to go to Italy with us since she will be doing modelling for our company in Italy. However, I for some reason had a bad feeling about this. Something is fishy. Yumi seemed not to like me and Scar gets mad whenever he sees me. But why? Why Scar hates me so much. There are some mystery.

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