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The next morning . . .

I woke up as I felt Ryan side of mourning bed, empty. Ryan? I sat on the bed and noticed that Ryan wasn't in the room. My phone rang as I picked the phone. "Hello?"

"Hi babe," I heard Ryan said. "I have some work in the office so I am in the office early."

"Oh, I see," I said. I wanted to talk to him more but he said, "Alexa, our new model for he company is in our office so I will talk to you later. Bye."

I sighed and got out of the bed and cooked breakfast and ate my food after I feed Hikari. I dressed Hikari into a cute outfit and got out of the house and drove us to our office.

I parked the car and Hikari giggled and got out of the car. I held her small fingers and we slowly went towards the entrance of the office when a small boy, about the age of 5 ran into us and bumped to Hikari,  causing her to trip.

I rushed towards Hikari and picked her in my arms as she started to cry.

"Wwwaaaaaa! Mommy! Bad boy . . ." Hikari cried.

"Shush baby," I said as I patted her back to calm her down. I looked at the small boy and saw her looking at us. I bend down to the little boy and said, "you should be careful."

"Oh, shut up, stupid woman! It's your fault for not talking care of your daughter!" The five year old boy yelled.

I looked at the little boy and got really mad. How can a little boy like him talks with so much disrespect?! I was going to say something when Hikari cried more.

I patted on her back but she didn't stop crying. "Daddy! Me ned daddy!" Hikari cried more.

I saw the security and told them to inform Ryan about Hikari.

After a while, Ryan rushed out of the office and came near uhiksri and me and took Hikari on his arms and hugged her.

"Daddy! Bad boy!" She cried more.

"Shhh . . . Princess," Ryan said as he traced his finger on her back which calmed her down a bit.

A woman wearing a short short and a tops shirt came out for his office and said, "Scar!"

The little boy looked at her and said, "Hi mom!"

"What are you doing here?" That woman asked.

"Sorry mom," Scar said. "This woman was troubling me."

"Excuse me but you got bumped with my daughter because you were running," I said.

"Scar, you shouldn't run in the office," Ryan said.

I looked at Ryan. "You know Scar?"

"Yeah, he is our new model," Ryan said pointing at the other woman. "Yumi's son."

"Yes, I am Yumi," she said She smiled at me and then saw Scar getting angry. "Scar, say sorry to this woman."

"Sorry," Scar said.

"It's okay, Scar," I said.

"So, Ryan, we will do some more shootings tomorrow," Yumi smiled at Ryan.

"Yes," Ryan smiled at Yumi.

"Okay, bye. Oh, thanks for the breakfast," Yumi said as she took Scar with her and went to their home.

"Breakfast? You had a breakfast with her while lying me that you were in office?" I asked, sadly. I was upset because Ryan lied to me.

"Um . . . I had some stuffs to talk to her about," Ryan said.

"Why did you lie though?"

Ryan sighed. "I don't want her talk to you."


"We were in the same collage and she and I were kind of close," Ryan said.

I felt upset, but I asked, "How close?"

"She is my exgirlfriend," Ryan said.

I looked around Ryan as I felt broken in my heart. "Ex-girlfriend? But you told me that you never dated any women."

"I said that so that I don't make you upset," Ryan said.

"Upset?" I asked as I felt a bit angry. "Ryan, you know that I don't like when you lie about this type of things and you did. Couldn't you have trust me to tell me about her?"

"Alexa, she is my ex girlfriend, okay? No big deal," Ryan said.

"No big deal? Ryan, I am not upset that you dated some other girls before because we didn't know that we are going to get married but I am upset and you didn't trust me enough to tell me about your girlfriend," I said, angrily.

"She is my exgirlfrind, Alexa. We dated for a couple of months and broke off. It was nothing too serious," he reasoned out.

I sighed. "You don't get it, do you?" I waved my hand and went to my cabin and closed the cabin's door feeling frustrated. I was really upset. Ryan could have told me about her exgirlfrind but he didn't. Moreover, he argued with me and didn't even thought of talking to me when I came to the cabin. I felt slow tears building on my eyes as I started to cry. Couldn't Ryan trusted a bit to tell me about his ex girlfriend?  

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