modelling for business

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We parked our car in the parking lot and we got out of the car.

"So, is Hikari going to stay with you or me? We have different cabins," I said.

"Well, I have some business work with anoher company so Hikari can stay with you in morning. I be in office in my cabin room so I can help you to take care of Hikari," Ryan said as he put his arms around on waist and took Hikari oh his arms.

We went in the office as some employee greated us. I went to my cabin with Hikari as Ryan went to his cabin to talk to the CEO of other company.

Later at noon . . .

"Mommy?" I heard Hikari winced as she pulled my sleeves.

"Yes baby?" I asked her as I scooped her on my arms, while still working in the computer.

Hikari cuddled on my chest and started to mumble about some crayons and cartoons.

"Hi Alexa!" I heard somebody said as I looked at the door, finding Cassi.

"Hi Cassi!" I said as I took Hikari on my arms and made her sat on the floor.

She curled towards Cassi and giggled. "Aunt!"

Cassi laughed and took Hikari on her arms and went in the cabin. "Hi Hikari!" She said as she kissed Hikari's forehead.

Hikari giggled.

"So, how is your work?" I asked her as Hikari ran to me and I scooped her on my arms.

"Well, we are going to have a new model for this company and I made some new fashionable dresses. I need to talk to Will and Ryan though about the dress. Plus, the model is suppose to be in the office by now but I guess she is late," Cassi sighed.

"Are you serious? Aren't we having the shooting for the new advertisement for magazines today? Plus, the fashion show for our tcompany is tomorrow and if the model comes to the office late than we are going to have problems," I said.

"Yeah, that's why Ryan thought of another model who knows already works for the company but he thinks that she won't agree," Cassi sighed.

"Oh," I said. Who is Ryan thinking of making model for our company's advertisement for magazines?

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door and I saw Ryan and Will, coming in the cabin.

"Daddy!" Hikari laughed as she spread her arms open.

Ryan laughed and went near her and scooped her on his arms. "Hi princess," he said as he kissed her forhead and she giggled.

"Hi honey," Cassi said as she kissed Will and I looked away.

"So, did Cassi already told you about the new model?" Will asked.

"She said that we need a new model but she didn't told me who is going to be the new model though," I answered as Ryan slipped his arms around my waist.

"Should we tell her?" Will asked Ryan.

"Of course," Ryan said.

"Who are you telling what?" I asked, not understanding the tense atmosphere on Ryan, Cassi and Will.

Cassi tensed a bit. "Alexa, you know thay we need a new model for our fashion show and for the advertisement, right?" Cassie asked.

I nodded.

"And, you also know that our model is late, right?" Will said.

I nodded once again.

"This is a very big project for our company to have a fashion show so that we can sell more fashion dresses," Ryan said.

"So?" I asked.

"We want you to be our model, Alexa!" Ryan, Cassi and Will said.

"You what?!" I asked.

"We will put some make up to make you look like somebody else so that nobody understands that Ryan's wife is a model. That way, no other business company would know target you. Nice idea, right?" Will said. "You will be known as Ryan's wife but you will be name as Tiana when you are modeling because you will be in disguise."

"So . . . I really need to be a model?" I asked.

"Yeah," Ryan said. "Atleast till our model come to the office."

I sighed. What is this new problem? My boss is my husband, my friend is my fashion designer and my friend's husband is my photographer for the fashion show. And, I am going to hide my identity so that I don't become the target. I also have a baby. How am I going to manage all that? And how many times that I hid that I am Ryan's wife?

"The shooting is going to be start in couple of minutes, Alexa. Let's get you make up and dressed up for modeling," Cassi said as she pulled me out of my cabin.

After a couple of minutes . . .

I easy dressed up by Cassi and I looked at my dress. The picture of my outfit is below.

 The picture of my outfit is below

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I do look nice except my hair. Man, what did Cassi did with my hair? My hair was no longer wavy. She made my hair straight and my hair was longer than before. She also did my make up and I didn't look like myself anymore. However, if you look at me closely, you can identify me.

I sighed as I started to wear my earrings. Cassi went to the shooting place to talk to Will and the oher stuffs.

Suddenly, I felt somebody wrapped his arms around me from behind and said, "Hi beautiful."

I tuner Ned around and saw Ryan, smiling.

I smiled at him and said, "What are you doing here? Don't you have some office work to do?"

"Mmm . . ." Ryan ignored my question and hugged me. "You look beautiful. I wouldn't give you this modelling work if this wasn't an office emergency. After all, I don't want other men to have crush on you. I can't even say that you are mine since you are going to be disguised as somebody else."

I laughed as I hugged him. "Don't worry. The model shooting is only for today and we will have another model for the advertisement and fashion show tomorrow."

Ryan sighed and kissed my forehead. "I love you."

"I love you too," I said as I held his hand and we went out of the cabin room to the shooting room.

The shooting room was really big.

Will and Cassi was talking with some stuffs memebers.

"Hello stuffs! This is our new model for our advertisement and her name is Tiana," Ryan said.

I smiled with my fake name and started to get the modeling work done but for some reason, Ryan seemed a bit tense. But why?

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