xi. i'll see you

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"Tina, for the love of God!" Indie stepped back, bringing the curling hot curling iron away from her friend's face as she squirmed in the seat yet again making it impossible for her to do what she wanted. "I'm not helping you if you don't fricking sit still."

"Girls are so dramatic," River rolled his eyes at the two from Indie's bed, his guitar at hand. He had come over to hang out with Indie but was told he had to wait for her to be done making Tina up for her date before he could. He would have normally just run off and come back later but seeing Tina all dolled was one of the rare things in life that he got to see and he wasn't going to miss it.

"Shut up!" Tina groaned, rolling her eyes at him for being so mean about her inability to sit still while Indie did her hair for the date that had been making her stomach twist and turn the whole day. "I can't sit still! At least not when Indie has a weapon in her hand directed at my face."

"Weapon?" Indie rolled her eyes in annoyance. "How in the world does this look like a weapon? It's a tool to curl your hair which is going to be lop sided if you don't let me finish this. I have no plans in burning you, you ridiculous girl."

"Shush," she shooed and brought her legs under her thighs and sat up straighter in her seat. "Okay, you can finish. I promise I'll stay still from now on. Or I'll try to."

"You better or I'll have River cover over here and pin you down, I swear," Indie teased as she hovered, finding the next piece to curl into a loose and large wave. Tina had recently cut her hair, from her waist to just below her shoulders and added a great caramel color with Indie's help.

"Okay, well, then I guess I have no choice since River appears to be a little busy over there," her brown eyes fell over to the brunette still playing around with a few chords. "What are you trying to do there, River?"

"Finishing up a song for class," he hummed in response. "Harry helped me out with the melody and now I've just got to put it all together. Speaking of which, Indie, you think you can spare your vocals?"

"You aren't going to sing it?" Indie questioned.

"Duet," he smiled. "You up for it?"

"Are we bringing the band back?" She gasped teasingly, referring to the short lived band they had in high school. "Yeah, I'm in. You'll show me the song after I'm finished here?" She questioned and he nodded in agreeance.

"Sure," he nodded.

"So, Harry," Tina hummed from her seat, her eyes in settled in the mirror across from her. "We figure everything out with him or...? You looked like you were going to have a breakdown last night."

"Harry and I are fine," Indie nodded, skipping out on details to avoid talking about it. "We talked about it and we're going to keep things causal, for now at least."

"Didn't take you as a casual dater, Ind," River butted in. "Are you sure that's what you want?"

"Well, serious has never seemed to work out for me so maybe I'm doing it wrong," she shrugged. "You do it all the time. Why can't I? And Tina and Louis were causal until, well, tonight."

"That's me though, Ind," River frowned. "I've never done serious. You, however, want commitment. You're a commitment kind of girl and causal usually means you're not all in."

"What he means to say," Tina corrected. "Causal normally means you can be and do stuff with other people."

"So?" Indie asked. "If Harry wants to see me and someone else, that's his business."

"Not really," River shook his head. "Do what you want, Ind, but I'm just saying I don't think the whole causally dating him will work the way you want it to."

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