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~ Selena ~

I lay on my bed. Thinking about what had happened. How did he remember me?

He's the golden boy, most loved person...then their is me.

I get up and pull the dress I bought out if the box. I look at it then hang it up with the special hanger it came with.

Well hopefully this works.

I sit back down. I take my glasses off and pull my messy hair into a braid. I set them next to my bed. I'm kinda sleepy. A yawn escaped my lips as I lay my head on top of my pillow.
My eyes become heavy and I fall asleep just like that.

~ Justin~

Uh what did I just do. She looked at me like if I was insane. Which I am about her *wink* (Sorry that was so dumb I'm laughing so hard rn)
But seriously what should I do should I get her flowers or chocolate or clothes money..anything to make her happy. An Idea pops in my head. I got it. I grab jog back to my car and start the engine. I know exactly what to get her.


{Still Justin}

I dump all the stuff on my bed. Hmm how should I put this together....I grab the gift bag and put the note and box. Perfect then I'll tape the flowers to her locker. Now she'll finally know how I feel about her.

The next day


Selena ~

I wake up and stretch. I blink a few times then grab my glasses. I yawn and make my way to the bathroom. I haven't seen him in a while.

Once I finished getting ready. ( Well just say she's wearing what she is wearing in the picture above)
I straighten my hair and then put my glasses back on. I look in the mirror. Okay today you'll do great, I smile then grab my bag and walk out the door.

~ Justin ~

I woke up early just so I could get there before her. I open up her locker and it had pictures. These are nice. I place the gift in. Then I close it and tape the flowers to her locker. I then walk away casually so I can wouldn't draw anything attention to myself.

I then hid behind a wall and I see her. She looks beautiful today. Her hair looks so soft...
She doesn't notice the flowers at first but when she does she looks shocked. She takes them off her locker and smells them. Then smiles. She opens her locker up and see the gift but I can't see her face. Then I hear yelling.

~ Selena ~

I walk in school heading towards my locker. Alot of people hit me or yell at me on the way..like they do every morning but I ignore them like I always do.

I had my head down not really wanting to look at anyone. I then put my hand up to my locker and feels something.

I look up and see flowers on my locker!!


This has never happened before

I'm speechless. I grab them and smell.

They smell delightful

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They smell delightful.

I open my locker and see a box. Aw this is so cute.

Wait do I have a secret admire?!

I turn around and hear yelling. Oh it's just Justin's Friends. I turn back and look at the box.

I set the flowers in my locker and grab the box. It actually quite heavy.

I untie the string and set it aside. I then open up the packaging. Then it's a white box. I open the Top and see cookies and brownies, another box and a little piece of paper. I grab the paper and read it...

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