"Could also be a vampire.", Alden barely finishes and they both burst out in laughter. The very woman they just talked about looks right in their direction with a disapproving expression and a matching glare.

While this makes Alden and Maine shut their mouths, their eyes never stop talking to each other. Instead, they share a secret smile and a few giggles before they decide to move away from their buzzkill acquaintance.

God, she's great company.

He's actually funny.

Maine observes there are a dozen more with the same look and age as that old woman. The somehow have a "really rich" air about them.

"These socialites, they're the ones who donate significant amounts.", Alden shares as he gathers himself, takes Maine's hand in his, and gestures for them to move further to the center where the cocktails are.

"They're all so... glamorous.", Maine says in a tone that resembled a whine.

I am so underdressed.

"I should've dressed up a little bit more. I'm afraid the press may think your girlfriend doesn't belong to this crowd.", teases Maine with matching air quotes for emphasis.

"You fit right in, don't worry.",  he assures Maine and winks at her. "You look gorgeous tonight.", he adds with his deep-dimpled smile.

Oh, stop.

At this, Maine tries to avoid the blush that's coming, but to no avail. It takes her a second or two before she recovers.

"Look at you, giving me compliment after compliment. Didn't think you had it in you. I remember you were all brooding and tight-lipped on my first day of work.", she quips and smirks at him, remembering how lonely and quiet Alden was during her first few weeks at work.

"Well, I've changed.", Alden admits.

You  have.

"Someone changed you.", Maine inquires although sounding more like a statement of fact. Alden does not answer but a curl begins to form at the corner of his lips.

Oh you have no idea.

"It's obvious. You smile more often now.", she pushes a little bit.

"My girlfriend. She makes me happy. It's almost like a long distance relationship, I can't really explain it, but it works for us.", He tells her.

"You're sappy and romantic. I can tell.", Maine teases Alden, testing if he would open up to her.

Really naughty too.

"Wait, maybe I should give my moves a test run. See if my 'girlfriend' likes it.", Alden jokes not knowing the implication of his statement.

Don't do it, Maine.

"Shoot right ahead, then. Sweep me off my feet.", Maine gives him the go signal. She hopes her eyes do not give away this budding 'crush' she's having on her 'boyfriend'.

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