Chapter 13

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OMG I GOT CODY'S BOOK!!! I'M SO HAPPY!!! Now, if you read my status from about a week ago saying that I would post a chapter last weekend, that didn't happen because I ran out of internet. If there are any problems with this, blame my SOSE teacher who doesn't know how to explain anything: yep, all my internet credit was wasted for his stupid assignments. How'd he even get a teaching degree??


I wake up the next day to my alarm. I turn it off and check the time: 9:30. Cody's arriving at eleven since mum enjoys her lunch early. I climb out of bed and rush downstairs.

"Morning mum," I say as I open the fridge and pull out the milk.

"Morning honey," she replies from her place on the couch, "Did you sleep well?"

I pour some cereal into a bowl and pour the milk in after it. "I did," I say.

"No nightmares?"

"Not since the one yesterday."

Mum stands up and walks over to me. "Honey," she says, wrapping her arms around me, "I'm so sorry about Annabelle."

I let her hug me. "It's okay, really. I'm just glad I even have such amazing people in my life."

Mum lets go of me and looks into my eyes. "I'm glad you've come to find that."

I smile, looking down at my bowl of food. Mum eyes what I'm looking at and says, "I'll let you go then. Remember, he comes at eleven."

Mum walks off to the laundry and I sit down at the bench, eating my breakfast. I look over at the empty kitchen table that we never use. It's a small, round table that should be used outdoors, but mum and I usually just use it to put random stuff on. When we have a large amount of guests, we usually eat outside. I wonder if that's what we'll be doing today.

I finish my bowl of cereal, put it in the dishwasher and head back to my room. I look through my wardrobe for a while before I find my best sundress. I straighten my hair and do a quick dab of makeup before putting it, along with a pair of sandals on. I hurry back downstairs and help mum set up the outdoor table.

"You look beautiful, honey," she says as I lay out some knives.

I look up at her and smile. "Thanks Mum. So do you."

Mum and I continue to set up the table in a non-awkward silence. At about 10:15 I decide to sit down and watch some television before Cody arrives.

I flick through the channels but there's nothing on. Eventually, I settle for the late morning news. I watch all of the headlines about politics and sport before the celebrity gossip comes on.

"Cody Simpson was spotted on Friday night with a girl in a red dress," says one of the reporters, "It is believed that she is one of the girls who was spotted with him on Wednesday. We still do not know who this girl is and why she is hanging around Cody."

I reach for the remote and turn off the TV just as mum walks through the back sliding door. She looks at me in confusion.

"Is something wrong?" she asks slowly.

"No," I quickly answer, although I know that she knows I'm lying. She steps over to me and seats herself on the couch's armrest. I look down at the floor

"Jess," she says, "he's a celebrity, so don't expect that you won't be seen with him. When you two are out in public together, you will be seen with him and that will end up online and over the news. Do you understand?"

It is the first time that the reality all sinks in. I know that I'll get attention, but I didn't really think about this beforehand. Cody's famous; I'm not. He has an extraordinary life, whereas I only have an ordinary life. If we even try to blend our lives into each other, it's going to be difficult. There's a likeliness that it won't even last.

I feel as though I already know everything about love and being a teenager, even though Cody is my first crush and I only started learning about this a few days ago. I look up at mum again, and she gives me a sly smile.

The doorbell rings, and mum gets up to answer it. I tug on her arm to stop her.

"Please mum," I say, "I don't think I'm ready for this yet."

Mum nods at me. Of course, she does know me better than anyone else. "What do you want me to say?"

I take a deep breath. "That I'm unsure of a few things and I need to sort them out."

Mum hurries off to the door and I sit on the couch, my legs dangling over the armrest, in deep thought. Then a serious, thoughtful thought hits me.

What if none of this is worth it?

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