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Thank you to everyone that gave me ideas. But the people that mostly help me are:





"So you telling me that I'm the new hero?" I am so confused. This turtle thing dude sigh and nod.

"Yes. You the new hero." Uh Wayzz? Right thats his name, said. I blink as I try to understand all of this.

"So the new hero, who is supposed to be partners with The Alpha Loup? And Ladybug and Chat Noir are supposed to be partners?" I ask still confused.

The turtle du- I mean Wayzz look at me and sigh again... "During the first Alpha, her and I was partners, but as you should know. There was only one in the whole world, So I was alone, but now. She back and we can be partners again..." Waszz... Wait no its Wayzz. Man why do I keep getting his name wrong!. I slightly nod. "So... What my superhero name again?"

He look up at me and sighs.. Am I get stuff wrong... Or... Am I asking to much!!.. "You are called..Tortue Verte. Don't worry you don't have to start unt-." He was cut off but a crash. I run to my window and look out. I saw Alpha fighting this huge thing!!... But I saw Ladybug and Chat Noir sitting on a different roof talking... Slackers!!. I look over at Wayzz and nod my head.

Wayzz blinks and look straight into my eyes. "Are you sure?" I nod again.
"Yeah!! So? What do I say again? Was it Shell on? Or was it....

Wayzz: Turtle Power!

I guess I was right the second time, cause Wayzz got suck into my bracelet and I transform. I look at me window again, kinda seeing my reflection. "So do I have a shell?" I ask myself, but no one answer. Weird... Wasn't Wayzz just here. "So I just go out?" I guess I was still talking to myself, again. I shrug and jump out the window. I almost fell off, but I manage to get a grip on the edge of the roof. I sigh in relief. I climb up and look around. I felt something on my head. I guess its a hoodie.. Kinda like Green Arrow!!. Cool. I grin. And run yo the next roof. "Why is this so difficult!!' I yell but continue to run.

On some roofs I almost fell off again. I manage to get there in time. I saw Alpha panting, almost out of breath... But why? She have done this for all her life right?...

"Hey! Don't just stand there!! I kinda need help!!" She yells at me. I blink and I open my mouth. But close it. The big fellow was gonna do a lighting bolt, I run over to Alpha and use my shield. I guess its kinda like a frisbee and a shield.

"Where Ladybug and Chat Noir!!" I slightly look back.

"Um.. I kinda send them home. I told them that they can't battle if them sick." She stands up and gets behind me.

That brought a thought to my head... Marinette and Adrien was sick today to at school!!... Nah they can't be!!

I shrug again. I wasn't really paying attention, but it seem like everything was happening in a flash. When we were fighting, Bolt... But I think she did something, like I said I wasn't paying attention.. She did something to the black butterfly and, I think, turn it white.

"So now what?"

She shrugs. "Dunno. Its up to you."

I nod as I question pop in my head. "Do you know who is who?"

I saw her nod then I was about to open my mouth, but she cut me off.

"And no I can't tell you! Are you crazy!?" She yell... I wonder what her problem is, geesh!

"I wasn't gonna ask that. All I was gonna say was cool."

She took a deep breath. "Sorry. Its.. Just been a bad day. We better go, Wayzz might be tired. I gotta go feed Snow." She mumbles the last part, I think she didn't want me to here. I nod and jump back, and almost fall. He climb back in my room. "Um I don't know how to deform... Times up? Or Wayzz detransform?" I blink and notice my suit gone. I look at Wayzz and he smiles.
"You did great, next time, pur your head in the game. Remember you have to get more wise... And something else...."

He look up and flies over to somewhere. I lay down, since it was late... Guess we have school tomorrow..

Marinette P.O.V

"Alpha didn't need to do that we could of help! But, how did she know?" I mumbles. Sure I'm sick... Skiping school today. Alya promise to bring my stuff... I wonder who Chat got sick. He worst then me!!

I just get to lay here all day along. Yay.. But mama promise she get something special.

"You should rest, Marinette." Tikki said gently, I nod and look up at my ceiling.. I cough then sneeze. Tikki got me a tissue and I blow my nose. I throw it onto the pile of tissues. I lay back down, as soon as my head hit the pillow I instantly fell asleep.


(Y/n) P.O.V.

I sigh as I got my stuff. Sadly I just sat there enjoying the moment.

Peace and quiet

I didn't want to go back, home. Its been a living hell!...

Not home anymore...

Hard days lately. I might go back to (T/H) With my friends. Sure I have my best friends here! But its sad... Nothing happening here... They don't need me.. No one does.

I look up to see...

I'm sorry its been a long time and everything. Miraculous.. Its kinda start to slip. There haven't been new episodes, and I can't rewatch the old ones. But don't worry I will try to update every other weekend... And can you guess who it is?...


Snow: activate howl

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