The birth of Hikari

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"Ouch! It hurts!" I cried as I could see doctor and some nurses getting a monitor and preparing some medicines.

"Shhh love, everything is going to be alright," Ryan said as he whipped my years and kissed my forhead.

We were in the hospital room. After my water broke, Ryan phoned the ambulance and we got the doctor. I was lying down on a bed as I could feel the baby moving in my belly. I was crying a lot because it was hurting.

"Mrs. Onice, keep pushing the baby," the doctor said as she was trying to get our baby out of my belly.

"It hurts!" I cried.

"The baby is almost coming out. Give a big push this time for the baby to come out of your womb, okay?" The doctor asked as she bend down near my kness to get the baby.

"Ryan . . . Hurts," I cried as I kept pushing.

"A big push, love," he said as he kissed my hand and tried to calm me.

"Ah!" I yelled as I pushed the baby out and felt myself getting weak. The room was filled with the baby cry, I could feel water running down my eyes.

Ryan see,Ed so much happy. "Our baby . . . Alexa," Ryan looked at me and saw me panting. Then, he looked down my private part and said, "Doctor . . . Why is Alexa bleeding?"

"She has a little pregnency complication. The nurses will clean the baby while I will get Mrs. Onice a niddle. She should be on, zy after the niddle," the doctor said as she put the niddle.

I felt a bit dizzy and fainted. The next time I woke up, I found myself on the same hospital's bed but the room was quite big and tidy. I sat upright and looked at my side and saw Ryan was holding our baby. I could feel tears ran down my cheeks. The picture of the baby is below.

Ryan saw me and smiled as he went near me and sat on the bed

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Ryan saw me and smiled as he went near me and sat on the bed. "Hi beautiful," Ryan said as he kissed my forhead.

"The baby . . ." I didn't even know what to say. I mean, I can't belive that I gave birth that small new born baby that was on Ryan's arms.

"Our princess," he said as he smiled at me.

"She has your nose, ears, skin colour . . . . She lookes so much like you," I laughed as I touched the baby's hand. "She is basically a mini version of you."

"She has your eyes though," Ryan said as the baby slolwy opened his eyes and close it again and opened it again. The baby started to cry very loudly and struggle of Ryan's arms. "She also cry like you," he pointed out.

I playfully elbowed him. "I don't cry like that," I said. "Can I hold her?"

Ryan smiled at me and slolwy put the baby on my arms. I put the baby on my sholder and slolwy patted her back. The baby slowly stoped crying and again fell asleep. "Wow, how did you do that?" Ryan asked.

"Mmm . . . I don't know," I said as I kept patting the back of he baby as she cuddled on my sholder. "She really likes cuddling. Like dad, like daughter," I sighed.

Ryan laughed a bit and kissed on my cheek. "I can't belive that we are parents already. It felt like a month since we got married. And, we don't even look like a parents."

I laughed as bit. "We need to look like parents to be parent?" I found myself smiling.

Ryan slowly tangled his finger on my hair and said, "We have a family now. Our baby. Our family. She looks so lovely like you. When you were giving birth, I was freaking out so much. I couldn't even remember my own name when I saw so much blood getting out of you. You scared me so much. And then, this little baby came into the world and I found feel all my worries gone," he said as he looked at me. "To be honest, for a moment, I thought that you might not be okay since you suddenly fainted after giving birth. I didn't even let you get out of my sight until the doctor assured me that it was only a small pregnency complication. I was so scared. You could have given me a heart attack, Alexa," Ryan said.

I put a hand on his hands and said, "I am okay now Ryan, really."

Ryan pulled me and the baby in hug and I could feel him relaxing a bit. I really hated to make him worry. "Next time you are pregnent, I will get you in the hospital for all the months so that I don't have to worry about getting ambulance and see you having a other pregnency complication."

"That's going to be so boring," I said.

Ryan laughed as he kissed me. "Our parents are outside. You were unconscious for a couple of days so our parents helped a lot to take care of the baby. Should I wake them. I mean, our parents are sleeping . . ."

"It's okay," I said. "Did you name the baby already?"

"Yeah. I named her Hikari Onice. What do you think?" He asked.

"It's nice," I said.

The baby again woke up and started to cry louder than the last time. I slowly held the baby close to me and kissed her her forhead as she started to calm down. "She must be hungry," I mumbled as I started to unbutton my dress to expose my breasts. I have to breastfeed the baby. I saw Ryan staring at me. "Can you look away?"

"Why? I saw you like that so many times when we were making love . . ."

I elbowed him and said, "Ryan, turn around. You are embarassing me!"

Ryan sighed and turned around. "You are still embarrassed after we have our first child?"

I thought of not answering his question and I started to breastfeed Hikari. She looked at me a couple of time while she was drinking he milk. She really look a lot like Ryan, well . . . Except her eyes.

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