Anime facts

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I'm currently editing and whatnot. I have so many spelling mistakes! I should be ashamed of myself!

Without further ado, by request of HilaryDemonicRed, I present to you anime facts!


1. In Japan, more paper is used to print manga than toilet paper!

2. The highest grossing anime film of all time is 'Spirited Away'.

3. Sazae-San has 6430+ episodes!

4. Code Geass is sponsored by Pizza Hut.

5. Bleach was originally rejected due to similarities to Yu Yu Hakusho.

6. Sailor Moon creator and Hunter x Hunter creator are married!

7. Animated Japanese films and television shows account for 60% of the world's animated base entertainment.

8. All manga is drawn by hand.

9. The first anime, in 1917, was a 2 minute clip of a samurai testing his sword.

10. The anime 'Death Note' was banned in China because it became so popular that kids used to buy Death Note notebooks and wrote the names of the people they hated, wishing that they would die!

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