*Caution* The story is Rated R. Also, if you don't like boyxboy or boy on boy action, I suggest you to stop reading now. If not then, please enjoy reading it. Also, please BARE *wink wink* with me with any grammar errors or spelling issues, I will try to go back and fix it. This is my first story and I hope you like it :)

P.S. There will be character P.O.V. I find third person POV quite strange (I don't know why...)


Chapter 1 - Love at first sight


Mace's POV - 

Hi, I'm Mace Donnell. During my freshmen and sophomore years, my parents went through financial struggle due to weak economy and foreclosing stores where my parents have worked. We have moved from states to states in order to find a stable job and finally settle down. It took a lot of effort for my parents to convince employers to hire them. I tried my best to find a part-time job to help my parents; however, they denied me from getting one until I finish college to achieve an easily life without financial struggles. I tried convincing them but in the end, they ended up winning.

Let me tell you about my parents... starting with my father. His name is  Richard Donnel. He towers about 6 ft. compared to my measely 5'9. He had ash blonde hair (like mine) with hazel eyes. My mom said this is the reason why he married daddy because of his stunning look. My dad was lean built but not bulging-muscle built. He got playful attitude and I think that's where I got my personality come from. Daddy also have a serious attitude once in a while when he gets ticked off by piling problems (I'm glad I didn't inherit that).

My mother, Mary Donnell, is petite. This made me think why my father married mother, its because of her height. Her height is about 5'6 ft. Sweet atitude and sometimes strict when I do something that can harm me. She had gray eyes like mine and had hazelnut hair. She's very addicted to chocolate, and I got that addiction from her. One time when there was 3 slices of cake in fridge, I was tempted to scarf it down like a dog. My mom and dad was angry that I didn't leave some for them, it's a good thing I high metabolism that kept me lean, my mom, however, had to keep away from sweets.

Now for my introduction. I'm Mace. I'm currently 17 years old with a height of 5'9 ft. I inherited my dad's hair color and my mom's eye color. They told me I looked cute when I was born, and they told me the same to this very day. With my height and childlike face and personality, I started to feel 'I'm never going to get a girlfriend,' and I was right. When I was 13, I tried my best to feel attracted to girls, but I never felt any attraction towards them. As for boys, I feel some attraction towards them, but not enough to love them so much. I concluded myself to be gay. I opened myself  to my parents about my sexuality and they supported me. My mother was okay with and father took some time to agree with it.

I tried opening myself at school before but I was too afraid to do it. I was afraid to be judged for my sexuality. I was afraid that I will be bullied by narrowminded jocks or homophobes. I stayed silent during my freshmen and sophomore years, and now, I'm determined to tell the school that I am gay. If they don't like my sexuality, I can deal with it. If they try to bully me, I won't hesitate to call the cops or teachers. And believe me, I learned the hard way from staying silent when it comes to bullying.

After my sophomore year, my parents and I moved to a peaceful town of Bluelake. The population here was around 1,000,000 people. I kinda liked it. The neighborhood is quiet and when you go to downtown, it was loud and active. We moved into a nice 2 floor house. There is 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The master bedroom went to me. Don't ask me why but they told me they wanted the best for me. The 2nd bedroom went to my parents which is a little smaller compared to mine. Their bedroom have a bathroom that connects to the 3rd bedroom which is converted into an office room for daddy.

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