Austin mahone dirty imagine

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My name is Melanie and I am a huge fan of Austin mahone! I have him as my screen lock photo and everything. I have listened to all of his songs and he is just mine.

While I was walking to get a Starbucks coffee I was looking at my phone not paying attention to anything. I was checking to see an Austin mahone tour coming to where I live! Just as I got to Starbucks and reaching for the door handle someone opened it and the door smacked my face.

"Are you ok?"

I was still on the floor when this random person asked me the question. I rubbed my forehead. My phone had fell out of my hand and everything. Embarrassing!

"Hey,are you ok?"

For some reason that voice sounded very familiar. As I reached for my phone and looked up I thought I was dreaming. No way that could of been Austin.

"Yea I'm alright."

Austin picked up my phone and looked at it. I was still looking at his tour website and he was looking at it. I quickly got up and he handed it to me smiling. I knew that he saw what I was looking at it and tried to look away.

"So I see you want to come to my concert? Since I hit you in the head I will give you some VIP tickets. How about that?"

"Thanks but it was nothing seriously."

"I insist. Follow me back to my hotel so I can give the ticket to you.

I had a weird feeling about it but I agreed because it's Austin mahone! We walked down the street and we went inside to hotel. Wow was the word. I stood my distance from him but wanted to be by him badly.

"Here we are."

We enter.

" You can just sit on the couch or the bed or whatever."

The bed what?! I sat on it anyway. I later down because my head still hurt. Austin saw me laying down and gave me an icepack.


"No problem. I never got your name?"

" It's Melanie."

"That's a lovely name."

Did he really just say my name was lovely? I was flattered that I started blushing. I guess he noticed because he sat on the bed next to me. I immediately get up because I don't want anything happening.

"So what's a pretty girl like you doing here hurt?"

I giggled a little at that. He now turned in my direction and faced me. His eyes made me melt. He leaned over and kissed me. I went with it. It was amazing.

"Sorry I couldn't help myself."

"It's fine. Do you have anything warmer to put on I'm freezing in my shorts"

He got up and got some sweats for me. I went into the bathroom to change but I didn't notice I didn't close the door all the way. I guess Austin saw me in my underwear because I heard a slight moan. I decide to mess with him alittle bit. I went out in my underwear and shirt on pretending I didn't have the sweats just so he can see me. The moan of his got louder an I giggled.

Just when I was about to go back to the restroom I felt his hands on my waist. I didn't move just stood there. I turned around with his hands still on my hips. I went in for a kiss and he kissed back. We backed up onto the bed and I was on top of him. Just is two making out was amazing. I then took off his shirt and he took off his pants. I removed the shirt I still had on and he got on top of me.

He started kissing my stomach, to my chest, then to my neck. I moved alittle because I touched the good spot I liked to be kissed on. I guess he noticed because he stopped kissing me. He removed my bra and underwear. Then took off his own boxers.

Austin opened my legs and started kissing my inner thighs. That made me moan loud and then he put his fingers in me. Thrusting them back and fourth. I started moaning a lot. Austin added a third finger in me and that set me off.

Then Austin took his fingers out an stuck it in. Without warning.


" I know it hurts it will turn into pleasure soon"

A tear came rolling down my face. He took it out.

"I'm sorry I hurt you."

He got dressed and I was covering myself. I found all of my belongings and got dressed too. I was so embarrassed. Once I was about to leave Austin kissed to spot I like and he whispered in my ear:

"I'm sorry"

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