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August 4, 2017
Dear Jungkook,

I wish I was her.

I wish I was Kang Seulgi.

She's the one.

She's the lucky one.

Don't get me wrong, though. I don't hate her, how could I? She's the sweetest girl alive! She's always nice and happy. Maybe that's why you like her, she does fit your ideal type; except for the height.

"I think she's the one, (Y/N)" were the last words I heard from you today.

I'm sorry I left saying 'I'm sorry, Jungkook, I'm going late for my family meeting'. I know you didn't believe it. I know you're not stupid. I'm sorry, Jungkook. I'm probably overreacting/exaggerating. It's not like you're getting married tomorrow. If only you knew how much it hurts me to see you with her, holding her hand. The way you look at her. It's the opposite of the way you look at me. You look at her with love. You look at me with love too, but it's different. Your love for me is a friend-like love, and your love for her is date-like love. There's a spark in your eyes every time you talk to me about her. I'm glad she makes you feel like this, but I still wish you had that same spark when you talked about me.

She'll get to see that bright, adorable smile of yours 24/7. Meanwhile, I'll be here. Alone. Sure, I'll see that smile too, but it won't be on real life. I'll see it as I look through the thousand pictures we took on my phone. She'll get to hold your hand. What do I get to do? Daydream about it. Daydream that you love me, daydream that you'll hold my hand as we walk around the city. She'll be able to kiss your soft lips whenever she feels like it. I'll get to do the same, just not in real life. I get to kiss you on my dreams, if I ever did such thing, you'd probably be creeped out and would never talk to me again. She'll have a slight possibility of being Mrs. Jeon, while I'll still have a -100% chance of that happening. She'll be able to hear and say 'I love you'. Sure, I'll hear those words too, but I'll hear them being said to her and not me. If I ever were to say that, you would always reply with a very casual 'me too' since you think I say it in a friendship way. What you don't know is that I love you in a very different way. I want to date you, Jungkook. I want to hold your hand, I want to go out on dates with you, I want to kiss those soft pink lips of yours. I know that won't happen, but I wish it would.  

Yours truly,



Second letter to him in a day! Jungkook has a girlfriend o.o

Disclaimer: I know they aren't dating in real life, again, I just needed someone to date him so there could be a little drama in this story:/ Anyways, I hope you're liking the story so far:3 -Andy

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