Chapter One Hundred Sixty Six

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Anora stared at Charlie with a blank expression. "I'm sorry, but did you say my dragon knocked up your dragon?" She said.

"That's exactly what I said!" Charlie told her.

Anora and Charlie both turned to Roscoe, who continued to relax in the grass. Charlie had his arms crossed over his chest, looking at Anora, waiting for her to react and scold the dragon. However, he didn't get the reaction he was looking for.

"Oh my baby boy!" Anora cried out before running over to Roscoe and squeezing the large part of Roscoe's tail. "My babies are having babies!"

Charlie clapped his hand over his face. "I should have known this is how you were going to react."

"But Charlie!" She turned to him and ran back over to him. "Don't you realize what this means?! Little baby noroscoes!"

"Noroscoes?" Charlie repeated.

"I'm going to be a grandma! And you're a grandpa! Little Noroscoe grandbaby dragons."

"Yes, our granddragons are going to be angry and lazy, a magnificent combo." Charlie replied.

"Wait a second," Anora looked to Charlie. "How do we know it was Roscoe?"

"Because Roscoe is the only male that Norberta lets near her. You have to get close to engage in these kind of activities, An. Remember?"

"Roscoe, you little..." Anora was all smiles and eventually Charlie couldn't find himself upset as the mother of his children pranced around happily.

"I want to see the nest! Oh please, let me see the nest!" She begged him. She gripped onto the front of his shirt. "Take me to the nest!"

"Alright, alright, come on!"

The two adults were hidden among the brush as they peeked into the nesting grounds where Norberta was still rested near her eggs. Her eyes were closed but steam continued to pour from her nostrils onto her eggs.

"Oh Merlin, I think I'm going to cry. Nope, too late, I'm already crying." Anora squeaked. "It's so precious."

"I don't remember you being this emotional when you were found to be pregnant with Eliza and Stella...your own babies!"

"Oh I was plenty excited, Charles. But the difference is, I don't have to carry these babies around. Thank Merlin for that. Eliza and Stella were enough on my body. But look at the eggs, and look how calm and happy Norberta is. Motherhood is going to be so good to her....granted if she doesn't eat her eggs." Anora shrugged. "There's always the chance for that."

Charlie glanced over at her. "You have such a way with words."

"Gah! I'm so excited! Their babies will grow up with ours, don't you see the possibilities here, Charles? A new age of dragons and riders!"

"I think you're getting a little too carried away here, An-"

"Shhh!" She placed her hand over his mouth. "Let me enjoy this moment."

With the excitement of Norberta and Roscoe's nest, Anora seemed to be in a great mood that evening as she was lying on the bed with Stella in her arms.

The child was awake, her little arms moving about with her little fingers gripping onto her mother's hands tightly.

Eliza was lying on her stomach beside her father, her head resting on Charlie's pillow as Charlie was lying beside her, whispering and making funny little noises that caused her eyes to move about in curiousity.

"My little dragon riders." Anora cooed at Stella. "You can take all the Norbie dragons, Stella. And Eliza can get all the Roscoe dragons."

"I think we should reverse that." Charlie suggested.


"Because I'm pretty sure Stella is going to take after you, and if we match her with Norbie dragons, it's going to be a constant butting of heads. Kinda like you and Norbie."

"Norberta secretly loves me." Anora scoffed. "She's just not the affectionate type."

It was quiet for a moment before Anora looked over at Charlie once more.

"Do you really think she's going to take after me?" Anora asked him with a hopeful look.

"I do." Charlie smiled. "She's already fiery even for a little one. And I know Eliza is going to take after me."

"What makes you say that?" 

Charlie pointed down to the child who had fallen asleep against her father's pillow.

The two parents laughed.

"Fair enough."

At the end of the bed, Iggy appeared as he hopped up and began purring as he neared the four. He moved towards where Eliza was sleeping and curled into the baby's side before closing his own eyes.

Eliza stirred a bit before settling back down due to the purring. 

"I think Iggy is playing favorites." Charlie said.

"Well, if Miss Fussy here wasn't so loud all the time..." Anora looked to Stella before cuddling the fussier twin into her. "Oh I love you just the same, you angry little dragon. Fussy just how your father was as a baby."

Charlie smiled as he observed Anora hold Stella close to her and gush over the small hands and feet that moved about to her mother's voice. 

With Roscoe and Norberta's young added to the mix, it seemed their little family was only growing which meant they were going to have to work extra hard to keep everyone safe.

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