what happen?!

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I woke up naked next to a really sexy man I didn't even know who he was. he had his arm around my waist and my back was against his chest. I tried to remove his arm around my waist but he only pulled me more into his chest.

I checked the time it was 5:40 in the morning. I grabbed by pillow and put it in between me and him and grabbed his arm trying to not wake him up. I put it around the pillow carefully, he started to wake up but then fell asleep hugging the pillow and I let out a sigh that I was holding in.

I started to look for my cloths but didn't find it so I went into his closet grabbed some sweatpants and a T-shirt. I went outside the closest and into the room I saw my purse and got it then went out of the room and into the streets all confused and regretful that I had slept with a stranger.I call a taxi on my phone and I gave the taxi person my address then went home and crying for what I have done.
Trenton's POV
I woke up with the sun hitting my eyes and I groan, I look what I'm hugging and find that it is a pillow and not the beautiful girl that I met yesterday. I even forgot her name, I tried looking around the  room to see if she was still here, but to my surprise she wasn't here.

That girl was so beautiful and she wasn't like all the other girls I've slept with, she was different, she was kind, and she didn't look like a gold digger. I wanted to met her again but I knew that this was only a one night stand and I would never see her ever again.

I got up and went to go to the bathroom and did my business, then I went to my closet and put on my favorite sweatpants but I didn't find them so I only thought of one thing and that was that she took my favorite sweatpants.
Amanda's POV
I got home and unlocked our apartment. I knew I was gonna regret what I have done Yesterday with a stranger who made me feel really good. I didn't want to tell my best friend what had happen but I knew she was going to find out one way or another. All of a sudden I heard a knock and I knew the person behind the door was going to kill me....

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