Chapter 41

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Your P.O.V

We were all up and dressed.  I had said by goodbyes to Saywer and Hazel. I couldnt bear to see Kyle again so I told Sawyer to tell him I said goodbye. We all got to the airport and we noticed there were cameras, flashing away at our every step. Sherlock smiled sneakily at me and I laughed. I rested my hand on top of my stomach and Sher put his hands on top of mine. We had a long, passionate kiss. Only breaking apart for air. Once we did we rested our heads together laughing. My brother tapped me on the shoulder and nodded towards the plane, smiling. We all got on the plane and after a little while, it took off. We were faced with the problem of where Chris and his friends would be staying. We phoned Mrs Hudson and she said that they could all stay in 221c. An Air Hostess went around handing out freshly printed papers. And on the front page? Sher and I, hands on my baby bump, kissing in the airport. I laughed. How the hell did this get out so quick? I drifted off to sleep and dreamed of nothing for a change.

--------------------Time Skip ----------------

I was being shook awake by Sherlock telling me that we were here. We all got off the plane and walked outside, meeting a worried-looking Mrs Hudson. She enveloped me in a massive cuddle and Sherlock pouted. "No hugs for me then?", He questioned. She laughed and brought him into a hug too. "I was kidding", he laughed. I turned around to go and get the luggage while Sher and Mrs Hudson were still hugging. John, Mary, Mikey and Lestrade were laughing their heads off. I turned around to see what they found so amusing. I started to burst out laughing too. Sherlock got his curls stuck in Mrs Hudson's cardigan and was struggling to get it out. Mrs Hudson was getting all flustered. John had his video camera out and was filming every moment. By now, my brother and his friends were all laughing too. Then I saw a face I wasnt ever prepared to see. Jeanine. She was drawing me one stinker of a dirty look. I composed myself and walked over to Mrs Hudson and untangled Sherlock. Jeanine had walked into the shop beside her. He swiftly swept me around so that he was holding me and said. "Well, at least you untangled me but... you also sat there laughing", he said. I started to laugh. "So... theres a price to pay", he smiled. Before I knew it, i was on the ground and he was tickling me. "Sherlock!", I managed to say between laughs. I finally escaped and started to run away laughing. Sherlock caught up fast and swept me up bridal style and kissed me. I couldnt help but keep laughing. At that moment Jeanine walked out of the shop. We turned around and she drew us an awful look. "Well back together again, are you?", she asked. "Still being a snobby cow, are you?", I asked. She just laughed. "Well, you two wouldnt be together if it wasnt for that little mistake", she hissed and pointed at my stomach. "Mistakes actaully", I said, pronoincing the s more. I got down and walked away to see the rest of the gang. Sher followed and Jeanine followed after him. I got to everyone and ran to my brother. I buried my face in his shoulder as he wrapped his arms around me. I started to cry. Rob, Chris and Tom put their hands on my back. "Hey, whats wrong?", John cooed. Just then, Sherlock came to me and started to stroke my hair. Jeanine came waltzing towards us. Then Mary started to talk. "Everyone meet the tart that tried to split them up", she said and nodded towards Sherlock and I. She walked up to Jeanine and slapped her. Jeanine put her hand up to her cheek in shock and ran away. "Y/N, are you okay?", Tom asked. "Yeah, I'm fine", I sniffled. "What did she say to you?", asked Rob. "That my children were mistakes", I started to cry harder. "Our children", Sherlock soothed. I turned around and he quickly wrapped his arms around me and we all went home. When we arrived Lestrade, Mikey, Mary and John went to their houses. My brother, Chris E, Rob and Tom all went into 221c. Mrs Hudson went to 221a and Sherlock and I went up to 221B. We got changed and went to bed. My nightmares have started to wear off. I hope they stay like that. I fell asleep wondering what my life would be like with the little pitter patter of two pairs of feet and Sherlock Holmes. To be honest, I couldnt wait.

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