guardian angel

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cody's p.o.v.

She was beautiful, head to toe, inside and out. How could no one else see it? The cruelty of her peers to her her was heartbreaking. Kindness filer her whole being, yet she was still always mistreated. No mistreatment would take place after I saved her. All she needed was a friend, a friend I could be. While I was completely in love with her, I had to put her needs first.

The thought of her made my heart and wings flutter. Hopefully her heart would flutter at the thought of me. Although she had  never met me, I was hopelessly in love with her.


As I sat outside her window, I stared at the beautiful girl as she wrote in her journal. Tears tore down her rosy cheeks as she reminisced on her horrible day. Between the constant mean remarks spat at her and not having any friends to seek comfort in, she couldn't help but let the tears form in her eyes. It was heartbreaking. All I wanted to do was to hold her close to me. That's what I had to do.

your p.o.v.

 Another terrible day left you with a heavy heart and a river running down your cheeks. Loneliness and heartache was filling your emotions. Why were people so cruel? You couldn't understand. No, you weren't or special in your eyes, but you didn't believe you deserved to be treated like scum. Sniffles and sighs were alternated until an interruption. A cool breeze came in through your now open window. Odd. You didn't remember having the window open.

As you walked towards the window, trying to preserve the warmth in your room, a voice made you stop mid step.

"y/n," a charming voice whispered.

Quickly, your head turned around to see the most gorgeous boy you've ever laid eyes on. While the fact was you didn't know him and should have been terrified, you couldn't help the relief that overcame you. A stunningly handsome smile replaced his monotone face when he noticed you walked closer to him.

"Who are you?" you asked right before your eyes landed on the wings behind his shoulder.

"I'm Cody, Cody you're guardian angel," he smiled, his warm hand being placed on your bare arm. "I'm here to watch over you, but I might have fallen in love with you," he admitted with a shrug, dismissing the severity of his words.

"No one loves me," you mumbled.

"I do."

You had to be going crazy or were having a crazy dream. After you  pinched yourself, the boy/angel remained where he was before. Maybe this was real?

During your internal banter, Cody had moved closer to you, until his lips hovered over yours. Never before had you been kissed. So you were blank on what to do. He could hear your heart racing as his wings fluttered a bit. Suddenly, his lips were placed on yours, kissing you gently and passionately.

Before you both knew it, the sun was rising. Panic filled Cody as he knew he had to leave urgently.

Kiss after kiss, Cody was trying to prolong his time with you to no avail.

"My love, I have to go, but I'll be back tonight," Cody frowned, as did you.

With one final kiss, he flew out your window, taking your heart along with him.

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