Chapter two

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...........Abby's POV...............
I woke up to the sun shining through the blinds ugh I forgot to close them last night. I got up and brushed my teeth, then decided to just have a lazy day and watch Netflix all day.

      As I was setting up the computer to watch Netflix the door bell rang. I wonder who that is OMG WHAT IF ITS A MAS MURDERER or it could be Jack naw he ain't coming home at leas-
The doorbell ringing again snapped me out of my thoughts.

      I grabbed a bat and opened the door ready to swing if there is is a murder!, but when I opened it all I seen was a tall dude with blonde and brown hair. Who is he I thought to myself

::::::::::person at door POV:::::::
When I rang the door bell this girl came to the door with a bat ready to swing lol wow she's kinda cute. She snapped at me, then I realized I was staring oops.

   I thought jacks parents lived here, oh yah forgot he had also had a sister.
!!!!!!!!!!!! Abby's POV !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
   "Hello" I said kinda scared. "Hello what is your name?" He asked. "Why should I tell you you could rape me or murder me mister stranger danger." He just laughed what the heck. " we'll miss I am Jack Johnson."
.............Jack Js POV........................
   She looked shocked and scared. Did I say something is someone behind me. I looked no one was there, I'm confused. "What's wrong?! She just said "Your jacks friend Jack Johnson, you were best friends since kindergarden!" By now she has put the bat down and looks even more scared and is about to cry, but she doesn't.
@@abbys POV @@
  Did he just say he's back from Magcon  nononononono Jack can't come back! He left me he's the reason I'm broken also my best friend my only friend cause she committed suicide. He's one of the reasons I cut why is he back wait what was that letter about!!

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