Partners in Crime | Tanaka Gundam X Reader

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You awoke on a beach, with no memories.

"Hmm...?" You were frightened, but didn't want to show it. Could you show it? It was a mystery. You face didn't seem to move at all.

"Ah, another unfortunate soul has joined our ranks?" You heard a deep, villainous voice call to you.

You saw an odd boy, who wore a black outfit, with a white shirt and a red scarf. He had a scar tattoo on his left eye, which was grey. His right eye is red.

" you know who I am?" You asked, and he looked shocked.

"Hmm? No, why would I?"

"I don't seem to remember anything..." You looked at your hands.

He was silent. "I see... You seem to be a mischievous angel who came to meddle in the affairs of earth! As punishment, the Gods have taken your memory away!"

You titled your head. "Is that it?"

He smiled proudly and crossed his arms. "Yes, I sense unforeseen and untold powers of light from inside you. This purity must be from an angel!" He pointed at you. "Although we are enemies, I would rather have a grand fair battle then to eliminate you at your weakest." He extended a bandaged arm out to you, which you took.

"I think my name is... (Y/N)."

"Tanaka Gundam, of the Gundam Empire!" He boasted.

A slight smile appeared on your face.

"Well, I should introduce you to the others." He pulled his scarf over the lower half of his face and guided you to the others.

"I have found an amnesiac angel!" Tanaka announces.

The others look and in shock, there is a 17th student.

"Eh? Who the heck is that?" A bear looked through his notebook. "Ah, (Y/N) (L/N), Ultimate Paranormal Investigator!"

"Hm? What's this about an Ultimate?" You asked.

"We all have exceptional talents, rival!" Tanaka smirks.

"...Oh." You said. Somehow, your lack of ability to show your emotions made the others uncomfortable, so they tried to steer clear.

"Tanaka, what's your talent then?" You asked.

He smirks before he held out his arms, and four hamsters flew out and rested on his shoulders. "I am known as the Ultimate Animal Breeder!"

Your eyes widened. "Amazing!" He pulled a scarf over his lower face when you said that, and you reached to pet them.

"I like animals a lot... I don't know if I trust the humans..." You spoke.

Tanaka looked at you in amazement and then coughed. "W-Well, I think I can convert you to my side, dear mischievous angel."

You merely gave him another small smile and nodded. "If you want, Tanaka."

~~ Time skip to the ~~

"..." What else could you say? Gundam just gave out his plan to eliminate Nekomaru and save the others.

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