Chapter One

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Hogwarts, for most people, turned out to be the greatest years of their lives.

For Olive, it was just the beginning of a wild and crazy adventure.

"Ollie, remember to write me!" Missy Lark called after her younger sister as she boarded the train, clad in her Ravenclaw robes. Ollie turned, flashing her sister the dimpled smile that the two sisters shared. As the crowd of students thickened as they boarded the train, Ollie was out of sight from Missy.

The raven-hared girl boarded the train, giving her trunk to a man by the door and adjusting her grip on her book bag, her eyes scanning the compartments for her two best and only friends. Being an extremely shy and quiet girl, Ollie found herself unable to have a vast group of friends. The way she met her two best friends was by a complete accident.

She met Natalie Arnold in their first potions class when Olive accidentally set both their robes on fire, and they both got second degree burns that had to be healed by Madame Pomfrey. Nat shrugged it off, and managed to squeeze a few words out of the shy Ollie in the process. Despite her shyness, Olive Lark can be quite the sass master, but only between her friends.

The next year Nat and Ollie met Cho when they accidentally took the wrong way to Charms. They caught a second year Slytherin picking on the poor first year in the hall. Nat, being quite the opposite of Olive, was able to stick up for Cho, yelling at the Slytherin girl enough for her to leave. Ollie took the crying girl away from the scene and offered a shoulder to cry on while she comforted the girl.

Ever since then, the three have been really close.

As Olive passed a few more compartments, she found herself being grabbed gently by the arm and pulled into a compartment that she passed. Her hair changed from its raven-colored black to a surprised orange.

"You almost walked right passed us." Nat said, sitting her best friend down after closing the compartment door. After seeing that the person who grabbed her was her best friend, her hair slowly transitioned back to black.

"Sorry, I didn't see you." Olive sighed, waving at Cho, who was watching the two with her studious expression.

"Do we need to get you glasses, Ollie?" Cho asked, flashing her friend a smirk as the Lark girl took at seat across from the younger Ravenclaw.

"Yes please, I need to block out the haters." Ollie smiled, "They're blinding."

Natalie and Cho laughed at their friend's joke, knowing that only those two saw the funny side of the girl. During classes and in front of other people, Ollie was too shy to barely even speak a word aloud unless it was to those two.

"So how was your summer?" Olive asked as the laughter died down a tad. Cho smiled, knowing her two house mates would love to hear what she had to say.

"Cedric wrote to me." She stated simply, her cheeks blushing more violently than the ruby red earrings she wore in her ears. Ollie smiled, clapping her hands together while Natalie sighed in relief.

"Finally, after all these years, Diggory has gone sane!" The blonde Arnold girl explained, leaning back in her seat. For the past year and a half, Cedric Diggory, who was Ollie's only cousin and family besides her older sister, had been eyeing Cho Chang. She had a crush on him since she started school, but it was only this summer Diggory grew a pair and wrote her.

"What did he say?" Olive questioned, tucking her legs under her robes as she listened to her friend gush about her crush.

"I dunno... he said that he thought I was really nice and wanted to get to know me better to see where it ends up. We just kind of had this weird small-talk slash twenty questions back and forth thing. Mum thought my owl would die from exhaustion being sent back and forth like that." She shrugged, smiling like an idiot.

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