Chapter Three

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       "So, Jace, Ripley, how was your day?" Reese asked, looking across the table at the two of us. Tonight was one of those rare nights when I actually bitched enough to get them to sit at the kitchen table instead of in the living room. We were currently munching on baked chicken and mashed potatoes, courtesy of my amazing cooking skills. I looked up at Reese and then to Jace. Did Reese suspect something? More importantly, did he know something?

       "Mine was pretty boring, how was yours Ripley?" Jace said, pointing the question at me. Good thing I'm a great liar.

       "Oh, mine was pretty interesting. I got into a cat fight with Ella Monroe at lunch." I said, biting off a piece of chicken. I heard Rexon choke on a piece of chicken and Tommy's water almost spewed out of his mouth. Nice reaction guys.

       "Why?!" Rexon snapped, finally getting his breath back.

       I grinned, looking over at Jace. "Apparently shes got her eye on our little Jace here. Told me to back off and stay away from you. She even called me a bitch!" I said, grinning at the horrified expression on Jaces face. Even he hated Ella. The guys laughed and soon, I was laughing too.

       "I can't believe you got in a cat fight. You whip her snobby ass?" Jer asked, shoving some mashed potatoes in his mouth.

       "I shoved her and Selly pulled me away. I don't think she wanted to watch me lay the ground out with Ella's "snobby ass"" I got up from the table, grabbing my plate and whoever elses was empty. The guys continued talking and I smiled at my ability to get them off topic.

       I cleaned the plates off and put them in the dishwasher then I headed upstairs. I could go for a hot shower.  Opening my dresser drawers I grabbed some panties and a long t-shirt, opting out of shorts since the shirt was long enough. I walked back out to the hallway and to the bathroom, locking the door and turning my Ipod on. Nickleback started playing and I nodded my head to the beat as I undressed. I climbed in, the water scalding hot, just the way I wanted it. 

       My muscles relax and I lean against the wall of the shower, closing my eyes. Today wasn't as bad as I thought but I still knew that my mom and dad weren't coming back, that the acciedent was set to relieve itself tonight in my dreams. So many things should have been done diffrently, so many things just shouldn't of happened. Shaking my head I grabbed the shampoo, scrubbing hard, thinking that maybe I could get rid of all this guilt.

        Jaces' POV

         "Yeah Trevor, I know Ripley's pretty hot." I spoke into the phone, strumming my acoustic. Trevor had called me earlier to talk about way to get Ripley to agree to join Rain or Fire. I don't know why he wanted her to join so much, sure shes a good singer but we already had a lead singer.

         "Well man, I can tell that you're not interested in the conversation I have to offer so I'll just let you off right now. See you soon, bro." Trevor said quickly before hanging up. Sometimes he was just really weird. 

         After dinner the guys left to go to another party, leaving me and Ripley alone. Her bedroom door was shut, the faint sound There For Tomorrow coming through the walls. I shifted onto my back, playing the song that could be heard on my side of the house. Our rooms weren't exactly close. The lyrics came to mind and I softly sung the first verse.

          The turns you had to take still keep you awake,

          Down come the walls, the walls where you once stood,

          From constant changes you have made,

           You'll keep inside till you have a say,

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