(Bonus Story) No Immortal Regrets (2)

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  Artemis and Osiris gave each other odd stares throughout the dinner, sheepishly gazing back down at their plates when they caught each other at the same time.

  "So. About our peace treaty."Apollo began, setting down his cup of whine. The teenager was hesitant to drink the whine, he felt the peer pressure pushing at him to drink, in order to not offend the Egyptians.

  Osiris slammed his hands down on the table and gave a hearty laugh. Artemis glanced up in fear to see a mischievous glint in the Egyptian god's eye. Which only worried her to such an extent.

  "Ah yes! The peace treaty between our pantheons. Many of the gods agree. Thoth, Isis, Nepthsys, Hathor.."He glanced to his wife as he began to trail off. He shifted uncomfortably within his chair.

  "The only gods who have not agreed are me and...my brother, Seth. However I beg you pay him no mind. As the God of Chaos, he has no interest in such things as peace between gods or mortals alike. I remember as children, me and Seth were chasing each other around our father's pyramid. And he saw two rats sharing some cheese that fell from the grand table. Being who he is, Seth used his powers and made the rats fight to the death, laughing the entire time. So you can imagine why his testimony for this treaty is nothing."Osiris waved it off.

  But his stare focused on Artemis the entire time.

  Making her incredibly uncomfortable.

  "And you? Why have you not agreed?"Apollo urged, placing his arms on the table and leaning forward in the Egyptian god's direction.

  "I require one thing and one thing only if I am to agree to this peace treaty..I'd like a servant."Osiris put air quotes around the word 'servant'.

  Apollo burst out in laughter, his hair flickering with solar flares that raged as his laughter increased in volume. He stopped when he realized the look of seriousness on Osiris's face. He cleared his throat nervously and scratched the back of his neck, silver mercury eyes floating to meet his sister's.

  "A servant? That's so easy to get you, sir. Are you sure you don't want anyth-"

  "I'd like your sister as a servant."

  Apollo stopped talking. And stood up. He slammed his fist on the table.

  "My sister is not to be traded off, Osiris! She has sworn to be a chaste goddess! I am not giving you Artemis to be your blasted SERVANT!"Apollo bursted, his eyes flushing red.

  "She is a goddess! Not a mortal who will slave away, coming to your every beck and call! She is to be respected as more than that!"He growled lowly, not taking his eyes away from Osiris.

  Osiris stood up. And walked over to Artemis. Her heartbeat quickened as she began to panic, forcing herself to stare down at her hands. He placed his big hands on her shoulders, massaging them in a beckoning way. It felt amazing. Artemis squeezed her eyes shut, not wanting to reveal much emotion. But he noticed.

  "Hey there Artie...would you like to spend time with me every week? You don't have to cone every day. Just once a week. I didn't mean to say servant. That wasn't the right word. I just want a friend! Yknow! I see the same people every day here. I have for too many centuries. You'll be a new face! Do you like the idea?"Osiris kindly squeezed her shoulders as he smiled down at her.

  Artemis opened her silver eyes and looked up at Osiris. She was shocked to see that he had a tight lipped smile. Not the goofy open mouthed smile where she could see the odd piercings on his tongue, one that sort of made her snicker at his lack of manners.

  It was a genuine smile that made her feel welcome. Her heart fluttered and her stomach felt warm. She shivered a little and nodded quickly."That sounds really really nice."She murmured in a quiet voice, still very shy of the older god. Osiris scrunched up his nose adorably and gave an amused giggle.

  "She talks!"He teased, pinching her nose softly, then fiddling with her plaited blonde hair.

  Artemis blushed profusely, tilting her head down to block the view of her flushed cheeks. Osiris slowly ran his hand along her cheek. "Come! I'll show you your room!"He chirped happily.

  Apollo stuttered."I haven't even agreed  to the terms?!"He stammered.

  "Stop being such a party pooper."Osiris teased. He snatched Artemis's delicate hand and dashed them out of the dining room with his incredible god speed.

  He showed her a silver door."This is your room! Explore it if you'd like."Osiris said, not bothering to opening it himself.
  She slowly put her hand on the doorknob, looking back at Osiris in confusion. Did he know she was coming? She had just tagged along. They only knew of Apollo. Artemis still appreciated that she would have a room.

  She was snapped out of her thoughts by Osiris leaning closer to her face. She could feel his hot breath on her cheeks.

  "I'll be back to check on you soon~"Osiris purred. He disappeared into a mist of gold and silver, leaving Artemis clutching her chest.

  In what?

  In shock. In excitement. In confusion. In arousal.

  Artemis ran shy fingers through her blonde hair, pushing the door open. The sight was amazing.

  A silver bed, a balcony, peacock feathers almost everywhere. A wardrobe. A big golden mirror. A room fit for any goddess. She sat down on her bed and began to wonder. What did Osiris mean? She wasn't sure whether to take his words literally or metaphorically..

  Either way, she was anticipating his return.

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