.:Bite Me:. Jasper Cullen

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  You had lived in the small town of Forks all your life, however never once did you ever see the Cullens.

  Maybe a few times, when you took a small trip to the hospital. You had seen Carlisle as your doctor countless times. It hadn't been until now that you realized how his appearance never changed along the years.

  He had quite a few children. Though it came to your attention when you found out they were all sort of..in relationships with each other. Rosalie and Emmett were always the ones you saw together, you were used to them. Then there was Edward, who was mostly alone. Alice was one of the Cullens you had managed to become good friends with.

  But sometimes she would come near you, hesitate, her nose would scrunch up, and she'd sort of walk away.

  Today, during lunch, you saw someone new with Alice...He had this nervous twitchy look about him. Pale skin just like the rest of them. His eyes were a bit red, not necessarily bloodshot. They looked more like he was refraining from doing something violent, or like he was holding back tears. His curly strawberry blonde hair, that's how you described it, was messy. But it looked primped to perfection.

  When his honey gold eyes landed on your own (E/C) eyes, you felt your breath hitch as an odd wave of serenity came over you. Your muscles relaxed and you softly slumped against the seat you were in. Alice came skipping over to you, smiling sweetly.

  "Hey (Y/N)! How are you today?"She chirped, eyes glittering with happiness. You noticed her holding the guy's hand, but he didn't seem to be reacting or reciprocating in any way.

  "I'm good...who's this?"You ask, forcing a smile of your own. The aura of the new kid was making you uncomfortable. He hesitated and froze up when you asked, immediately looking away as his nose scrunched up. As if there was a scent he couldn't handle.

  "Ah! This is Jasper! He's a new addition to the family. So if he acts a little..strange, then you know it's because he's just getting used to the place. Jasper, this is my good friend (Y/N)!"Alice said with her usual happy personality.

  Jasper's mouth twitched a little as he gave you a cute tight lipped smile. He leaned over to Alice and whispered something in her ear, making her smile fade a little.

  You cocked a brow."What did he say?"You asked. You were just worried that Jasper didn't like you, he didn't seem to. He was honestly very cute, and you didn't want to not be friends with someone so good looking.

  Alice silently nodded to Jasper but gave you a wide smile."He was just saying he thinks you're really pretty! And that he really wants to get to know you! Because you're so pretty!"She replied.

  Jasper's eyes went wide in shock and embarrassment. You expected his face to flush pink, but he just gulped and punched Alice's arm, hiding himself from your view.

  "I'm sorry about him. He's so shy! I promise he won't be rude."Alice tried to fix the situation.

  You just frowned and gazed down at your tray. You softly pushed it away and linked your slim fingers together, not lifting your gaze. Were you not pretty? Did Jasper not want you to be under the impression that he thought you were good looking? Because you weren't? You absentmindely took hold of a strand of your (H/C) hair and looked at it with a sorrowful gaze. The lack of self confidence wafted off of you like a freshly made incense.

  Until another wave of emotions hit you suddenly. It was uncalled for. But you began to feel more happier. And your worried thoughts were swept away. You dropped your hair strand, (E/C) eyes lightened with more life than before. She held out your hand quickly to Jasper.

  "Come on! It's okay! I just want to get to know you better..."He stared at your hand with a secret smug smile. And hesitated when he set his hand on the chair across from you.

  "I don't bite."You teased. His expression changed to impressed.

  He sat down and smiled at you, yet another tight lipped smile.

  "I'm Jasper. Jasper Cullen."

  "(Y/N)! (Y/N) (L/N)!"You chirped, feeling unusually perky. Jasper exchanged glances with Alice.

  He gave an amused chuckle, muttering "Bite me.." under his breath.

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