One Drunk Night

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Summary- Basically Dan and Phil have a bit of a drunken night that ends up with them having sex, the next morning Dan freaks out about it and leaves Phil alone in the flat, but when Dan finally realizes how much he loves Phil, he goes to tell Phil, only Dan doesn't make it in time... 

A/N: I wrote this a really long time ago as a short story, but took it down. Really the writing and spelling is shit, (I tried to edit it a little bit) ,but I did work hard on it sooo I decided to post it as a oneshot. I had saw a fake phan trailer on YouTube and that was what inspired it.  Anyway, this really shit, but enjoy. 

Warning(s): Smut (really badly written I am sorry) , suicidal thoughts and actions, homophobic slurs. Sadness. 

And a lot of POV changes.  

Phil POV

I was buttoning up my blue button up shirt that my mum had bought me for Christmas a few years back, it wasn't exactly the best or fanciest of clothing to wear, but I doubt anyone at Pj's birthday party will care, it's only a bunch of our friends no big deal. I looked myself over in the full body mirror on the wall next to my bed side, I smiled at my appearance. I was just about to walk out the door when Dan walked in and said "Phil? Are you almost, ready? We have to head out in a minute." As he came fully into my bedroom I took in his full appearance, to say beautiful, would be an understatement. He was literally the most amazing person to ever exist, he was beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, hot, sexy and many more all jumbled into one long word that no one would be able to articulate into a coherent word. He was wearing his moth tee shirt, with black skinny jeans and black shoes that appeared to be converses. I love him so, so much, I really have no idea what I would do without him. I love him more then a best friend should, but Dan is straight. He was raised in a very religious household, and I doubt he'd even consider the idea for a moment. If I were to confess to him, he'd probably get frightened and kick me out of the flat. But that's okay, I'm happy as long as I can still see Dan, if it's a platonic relationship or not, I'm happy if Dan's happy.

Dan chuckled as he waved his hand in front of me he said "world to Phil! Are you there?" I blinked coming back out of my thoughts about Dan. He giggled and smiled and his adorable dimple was there. I asked "what?" He giggled again as he informed "you zoned off and ended up staring at me, for a minute straight." My cheeks heated up as realization hit me, I was staring at Dan. I tried to pass it off as I nervously chuckled trying to lighten the mood, despite the awkward tension, Dan giggled as he grabbed my upper arm and bellowed "come on or we'll be late for Pj's party, you dummy." I retorted "your mums, a dummy!" He rolled his eyes at my pathetic joke. He stopped at the front door to the flat taking his hand off of me. I instantly missed the feeling of his warm hand on my arm, I put effort into not making a pouty face at the loss of the treasured touch. Dan opened the front door but stopped in the door frame he turned to me and asked "you didn't leave any candles burning did you?" I rolled my eyes at him accusing me of leaving a candle burning. I nodded and said "nope." He nodded and continued out the door. I shut and locked the door behind us.

I followed Dan toward the lift. Dan pressed the going down button and we waited a moment until the doors opened to a empty space, I walked in first and then Dan entered. I pressed the button on the panel to take us to the lobby. Dan giggled and asked "remember my panic alarm story?" I nodded and giggled too, I pointed at him and said sternly "no pressing anymore buttons for you mister." He laughed and nodded despite of my horrible acting skills. The doors opened again to the lobby, we exited the lift and went straight out the front door. I waited as Dan got a taxi for us.

One pulled up and me and Dan slipped into the back seat. I told the driver the location of Pj's house and he took off driving to it. I pulled my phone out and started a game of crossy rode. I could see Dan watch me play from over my shoulder. He would make a grunt sound every time I accidentally died. The cab pulled onto the side of the building that Chris and Pj's apartment was at. I pulled my wallet out and payed the driver as we stepped out and onto the sidewalk. Dan suddenly said "I would of payed at least half." I shook my head and told him "it's not that much taxi fare anyway." He rolled his eyes, but still had an obvious grin on his face, that still allowed his adorable dimples to be on display. I couldn't help the blush that was creeping it's way onto my face, so I quickly turned toward the building and hurried quickly to the front door so hopefully Dan doesn't see the all so obvious blush I have at the moment. We load the lift and press Pj and Chris's floor button. As the lift comes to a halt at our stop we step out and walk our way to their apartment number. I knocked on the door and a moment later Pj opened it with a huge smile he exclaimed "hey guys!" Dan said "hey Peej!" I replied "hi." He gestured us to come in so we did. We spotted Chris and Louise standing in the corner and all of the rest of the party goers we're strangers.

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