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He darted into the alley and I was right on his heels.  I dove at him and missed.  My gun clattered off into the darkness.

He grabbed a ladder rung and scrambled up the fire escape.  I hauled myself to my feet and chased after him.  My lungs burned for air.  I looked up.  He had reached the top of the building.  He stared down at me for a second and then he disappeared.

“Damn,” I muttered, hurrying up the fire escape.

When I got to the roof, he was gone.  I started for the door that led inside the building when he darted out from behind air-conditioning ducts.

“You’re quite the pest,” I said.

“It’s over for you,” he said as he pushed me backwards.

I tried to bear hug him, and we struggled.  The edge of the roof loomed nearby.  I propelled him in that direction.

“If you kill me, you’ll never know how I hid the money,” he snarled.

“Maybe I don’t care.”

I shoved him hard.  He lost his balance and stumbled.  A surprised look crossed his face.  His hand flailed out.  I grabbed it.  His feet scraped for purchase on the edge of the roof.

“Without me you can’t get to the cash,” he said, his voice desperate.

“I’ll figure out a way.”

He shook his head.  “It’s too late.  Everyone will know you scammed money from the company.”

“How?” I asked, still clutching his hand.

“I wanted the money for myself so I ratted you out.  I sent a letter to the paper.  You’re finished.”  He glanced over his shoulder and laughed nervously.  “It’ll be all over the news.”

“Then so will this,” I said and let go.

Renée Pawlish is the author of the Reed Ferguson mystery series, Nephilim Genesis of Evil (the first in the Nephilim trilogy), Take Five (a short story collection), and The Sallie House: Exposing the Beast Within (a non-fiction account of a haunted house investigation in Kansas).  Buy her books at:

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